4.8 5 0 40 40 Crema con una consistencia liviana añade definición e hidratación a las ondas y los rulos sin dejarlos pesados.
Crema revitalizante para cabellos ondulados de göt2b
  • 4.8 De
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Leaves your curls soft
This leaves your hair soft and your curls are very manageable smells good and does not leave your hair frizzy or untamed
My daughter has such curly hair and we got this to try and she has truly fell in love with it. It brings her curls out even more and it don't leave her hair feeling greasy like many other products we have tried.
Love got to be glued 2
I love the way it makes my hair feel it does exactly what it says it does curls in seconds and so soft and manageable I just got mine.
Got to try it!!!
I really love this product it does exactly what it says leaves you with no worries like other products leaves your hair with a smelly odor not got2b it leaves hair with an pleasant smell I love this product believe me you'll not regret it!!!
Defines curls
Got 2 be curl reviver definitely works, it defines my curls great. It lasts a while before I have to add more. It washes out easily and doesn't make my curls crusty feeling.
I have natural curly hair and i love how this works on mine
I will definitely use a again it did great on my hair style and typr and will be recommended to my friends and family
Excellent product
Very great if you need help with flying down a wig you’re wearing
Great product for curls love the Way keep my curls in ah twist
Great product
Love the way it makes my feel it helps hold n form curls n lasts a ling time as you don’t have to use a lot to great benefits!
Have amazing curls in seconds.
I love that it doesn't make your hair all crunchy and gross which is the worst ever. I like how it makes my curls more defined and perfect looking. I would highly recommend this stuff.
Me gustaría probarlo ya que nunca lo he probado y mi pelo es riso.
Me gustaría utilizar este producto ya que eh visto que ha teníais buenas calificaciones y busque por google y lo recomiendan al siempre ojalá tenga oportunidad
I would love to try this this product. I’m always on the lookout for new curly hair products to try. I have really tight curls and always looking for something new. Their products usually smell great too!!
I have soft curl hair I would like to try it would be excellent
No lo he probado aún pero por lo q leí me gustaría probarlo pues tengo el pelo rizo,gracias

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