4.6 5 0 359 359 Este antitranspirante en aerosol seco es invisible en 100 colores diferentes. Se seca instantáneamente y brinda 48 horas de protección de larga duración contra olores y humedad.
Desodorante Antitranspirante en Aerosol Crystal Touch Invisible Dry de Dove por
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Great Product
This is a great smelling product. Leaves no residue on clothing and lasts for more than 48 hours.
Dove antiperspirant experience
Well the first thing I noticed was that it was not wet where I just applied the spray. That was fabulous. This was bought for me as a gift of sorts. My mom got it for me. The fragrance was out of this world. I thought I would never use anything but a solid, I was wrong. I recommend this product to everyone I know.
Great product
I love this deodorant. It actually works for me. It goes on easy, smells great, it actually lasts, and it not too pricey. I use this regularly. I would recommend this deodorant.
Is the first deodorant that actually works for me. I am highly impressed.
Adequate but not the best
I find this to do its job but it doesn't last me all day.
dries instantly
i really love a lot of the spray on deodorants. Id have to say that this dove invisible is my favorite though. the smell is great, it dries right away, last most of the day, and its very easy to use, and it does not stain your shirts, plus it is very affordable. i would recommend this.
Love the scents and it doesn't leave a residue. Feels lightweight and lasts most of the day.
Well with the try. Very happy with this product and it’s performance and smell
Dove dry spray
Beautiful packing Long lasting Smells good Worth it...
Nice and light
Goes on dry without any stickiness and keeps me dry all day. No residue on my clothing. Light fresh scent. Best of the Dove sprays so far. Wish it came in a travel size to add to my carry on.
Really well
Works really well for me I sprayed it under my arms and it didn't leave any stains on my white or black blouses. I would highly recommend for friends and family. Wasn't that expensive either.
Dove spray
Its light full coverage spry that really does what it says without the cakey feeling. All day protection
one of the best deodorants
I replaced my regular stick deodorant with this one and it works better ! Such a great deodorant and last for more than an hour
Dove invisible deodorant
Very good at reducing under arm odor providing a two day protection and I like the smell and great for your hygiene and easy to apply and is very portable plus good for men of women
Greasy shirt residue
When I used this product, I sprayed it on my underarms and let it dry but it still left a greasy residue on my shirts that required special treatment to remove.

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