Desodorante sin bicarbonato de sodio limón vainilla No.05

4.3 5 0 38 38 El desodorante sin bicarbonato de sodio de leche + miel limón, vainilla No.05 es un desodorante suave, sin aluminio y sin bicarbonato de sodio diseñado para nutrir la piel sensible mientras te mantienes sintiéndote (y oliendo) fresco todo el día.
Desodorante sin bicarbonato de sodio limón vainilla No.05


I broke out in a very bad rash
I would suggest sampling a small amount of this product before applying. I switched to this brand thinking it would be a healthier substitute and was unfortunately very disappointed especially because there is not warning about possible side affects when switching that I saw.
I never try it
I never try it But I would love to try this product if they send it to me on my address
This stuff smells so good!
If you don’t purchase it for the underarms, at least buy it for the amazing scent!
Good smell
I’ve tried this product before I think mine was lime and coconut. It worked great and smelled wonderful
Not a fan
I was really excited to try this product, and I was surprised that I didn't care for it. The lemon smells very strong and I didn't think that it worked well like my go to does.
Refreshing deodorant
This is a very mild and gentle deodorant which works great for my sensitive skin type. Love the refreshing lemon scent. Love that it is aluminum and baking soda free. Makes me feel fresh all day
Could be better
I didn't feel as fresh smelling after a few hours in this current heatwave. But initially it did smell great. Lemon scent was refreshing.
Good product
I never try this product before but I really like it, I recommend this. No irritated my skin.
It’s ok
It works ok and doesn’t irritate my skin but it’s not strong enough for summer. Doesn’t really eliminate odor if you actually sweat
Smells amazing!
This really works and I love the scent! I recommend everyone to try this out.
My new favorite
I love this deodorant. It’s my new favorite. The scent is amazing! My teenage daughter is loving it too! I for sure recommend anyone trying it.
Lemon Vanilla Baking Soda Free Deodorant
This is the best deodorant I have ever tried I believe it is the milk + honey Lemon combination and it has vanilla plus it is very gentle, aluminum-free and is designed to nourish my very sensitive skin while keeping me feeling (and smelling) fresh all day which I love
Nice deodorant
I really love the smell of this deodorant. It is all natural and no dyes or bad chemicals inside it. Kinda leaves white crud under your armpits. Recycling materials container is made of paper.
Switch for your pits
I switched to natural deodorant not long ago and will never go back. I feel it helped me tremendously and I love that I’m not putting harmful chemicals into or on my body. I would hope everyone would want to do same.
This is a excelent product, I love it, yay

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