Detergente líquido para ropa Arm & Hammer Plus OxiClean Fresh Scent

4.8 5 0 455 455 El único detergente líquido para ropa con ARM & HAMMER Freshness está supercargado con OxiClean Stain Fighters para eliminar y blanquear las manchas de manera efectiva. Limpia más de 101 manchas difíciles, brindándole blancos más blancos y más brillantes con un aroma fresco. Es una fórmula especial de baja espuma que enjuaga más limpiamente y está diseñada para funcionar tanto en máquinas estándar como en los modelos actuales de alta eficiencia (HE) conscientes de la energía.
Detergente líquido para ropa Arm & Hammer Plus OxiClean Fresh Scent


Works great and very affordable price.
It works great especially on items I never thought the bad smell would go away.And leaves your laundry smelling so good.and cleans very good
Great wash
I absolutely love this laundry detergent. It cleans my clothes so well. It’s also a cheaper brand which is great for families who have to constantly wash. I especially like to use this detergent on my kids clothes.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE! This product, it cleans very well, from my gardening stains, my toddler, and my mechanic husband's dirty clothes. The smell actually sticks around after they've been through the dryer. You don't have to use very much at all either!!
This is an awesome product. I love using it to wash all of my families clothes. My husband is a mechanic and it does great to get tough stains out. I would recommend to anyone!!!
Smell is fantastic!
This just really is the best smelling laundry detergent out there. It cleans pretty well- really could make whites whiter but that smell- it's too good to complain too much
Love this
Best lower priced detergent there is! I’ve been using this for years! Oxi clean does magic and removes even the toughest stains. The smell is also amazing. We have sensitive skin and this also causes no issues there!
Works great
Have an incontinence patient and wash her clothes with this soap and it really clean and refreshed the clothes
Love it!!
I just love how fresh my clothes smell and it's not irritating on my skin!
A Winning Combination
Arm & Hammer has always been my go-to laundry detergent, as it thoroughly cleans and doesn’t let your clothes smell if you forget them in the washer for a day (it happens). Add in OxiClean and stains don’t stand a chance. No more dingy-looking laundry, just bright, clean and fresh smelling textiles with just one wash.
Best laundry soap
I started using this laundry soap about 8 years ago when I was told about it from a friend and I’m so happy I did love the way it cleans my clothes and the oxiclean in it helps a lot to with stubborn stains if your looks to change laundry detergent I highly recommend you won’t retreat it
Best for Toddler Clothing
Great for stains, especially the kind of messy stains an active toddler gets on her park outfits! Leaves a fresh smelling odor on clothes too. Highly recommend it to my friends and family.
You will be surprised
I laughed at my mother in law when she bought me arm and hammer detergent for the first time. #1 because all I knew was tide, tide, tide. #2 because I honestly didn’t know it came in a liquid detergent. Anyways, after I got over my millennial ways, I will Never use a different detergent again. Arm and hammer in general is a great brand but the laundry detergent with oxi is the GOAT at getting out heavy stains from your husbands work clothes! The sensitive skin one with the little green cap is also amazing and has the most subtle and gentile fragrance that does not irritate my sensitive skin at all!
Better than others
Arm & Hammer detergent is sensitive on my skin. I have a slight allergy to other brands when i wash my clothes. I have no idea why, but this detergent works great for me. This detergent works great as well. My husband works in a warehouse where product is cooked and comes home smelling like oil. This detergent gets the smell out with no problem and leaves everything smelling fresh and clean. I love this detergent.
Nice scent
This laundry soup has a nice scent. Does clean clothes decently. But, I did notice the longer used it for my family, some members started allergic reactions to the soap. It was kinda strange that it didn't happen right away. It seemed it would start after using it for a month or two.
Great detergent
This is the only detergent I use. Cleans well thanks to the oxyclean and makes my clothes smell fresh without that overpowering laundry smell.

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