Detergente para ropa 4 en 1 Power Paks Fresh

4.7 5 0 519 519 Los Power Paks 4 en 1 de ARM & HAMMER combinan un detergente de limpieza profunda con la frescura del bicarbonato de sodio ARM & HAMMER y dos poderosas enzimas. Nuestros Power Paks 4 en 1 combaten las manchas, atacan los olores y protegen los colores para dejar su ropa limpia con un aroma fresco y duradero. Los microcristales de disolución rápida atacan los olores y eliminan la suciedad resistente y las manchas incrustadas para una limpieza poderosa y duradera. Obtenga un poder de limpieza ultraconcentrado con los Power Paks 4 en 1 de ARM & HAMMER formulados con un 99 % de ingredientes activos y diseñados para funcionar en todos
Detergente para ropa 4 en 1 Power Paks Fresh


works great
These laundry pods work so well. They get my clothes so clean, and they smell so fresh. I don't care for the left-over gel from the pod.
Leaves clothes clean and smelling fresh
Arm and Hammer 4 in 1 Power Paks works great at cleaning my clothes. My clothes smell great after washing them with Arm and Hammer 4 in 1. My only complaint is the power paks don't fully dissolve in every wash. I have removed my clothes from the washing machine and found laundry detergent paste in my washing machine after use. I received this product free for testing purposes from Influenster and Arm & Hammer for my honest review.
As long as it dissolves
I like this product but I have caught remnants of the clear package it comes in that is supposed to dissolve left on some of my laundry! Which is a pain to get off! Other than that it is a great product!
I have always used the big brands and would never try anything else. They had a really good sale so I figured I’ll give it a try I couldn’t pass 3 bags for $7. I was actually pleasantly surprised how good it works smells great and my clothes are always clean
Super clean
Arm & Hammer 4-in-1 Laundry Detergent Power Paks Fresh are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a convenient and effective laundry detergent. These power paks are easy to use and dissolve quickly in water, leaving clothes clean, fresh, and smelling great. They also help to remove tough stains and leave clothes looking bright and vibrant. Overall, a great product that delivers on its promises
Convenient and cleans
I love this product especially when I am on vacation or camping. Being pods they can be put in a small container and you do not have to worry about spillage. They also clean extremely well.
This product is convenient and works well. My clothes smell fresh and look less dingy. These are a great choice.
I don’t have to bring the whole bottle to laundry room. Individual pack is so convenient for people who live in apt like me.
Easy, Convenient and Clean!
We love the Arm & Hammer laundry detergent in our house. It’s fantastic at getting out stains and your clothes always come out smelling fresh. The pods make it SO much easier to get the laundry done. No spills, no measuring, no mess. Highly recommend.
4 in 1 laundry pods
this was my first experience with laundry pods . i’m hooked . arm & hammer nailed it with these laundry pods , easy to use and smell great
great Helper
I use them all the time also it was the greatest way to teach special needs child how to do wash. Just put one in washer.
Easy to use.
Originally we used these only for our laundry. One day I decided to use them to was our dogs blankets and bed because they smelled really bad. This really removes the dog smell and leaves their bedding smelling and looking really clean. It works even better on clothes and leaves a lasting scent.
Es el mejor detergente que he probado.
Recientemente comencé a utilizar este detergente y lo ame. Lo mezclo con el detergente liquido y este le deja un olor maravilloso a la ropa, no es necesario utilizar suavizante o productos de olor.
Want clean sports clothes? I do!
My kids are ACTIVE in sports and in play. This means SWEAT AND STINK. TOTALLY YUCK MAN! These pods totally make the STINK GO PINK! I don’t know what that means but hell, it is a recommended product from this homestead!
Great product
Awesome product! Cleans, sanitizes your clothes or whatever you decide to use it for. Smells so great also. I highly recommend this product.

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