4.6 5 0 227 227 Deleita tus sentidos y tus papilas gustativas con los nuevos Dulces grandes masticables ácidos de Nerds. Ahora, puedes tener un stock de tus dulces masticables favoritos a mano en tu cocina u oficina. Estas golosinas te harán sonreír con su agradable textura crujiente y masticable y sus dulces sabores frutales.
Dulces grandes masticables ácidos y crocantes de Wonka Nerds
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Just Okay
I love Nerds but these are honestly just okay. The fruity flavors are decent but not as good as the original ones. They are sour but not super sour. To be honest I probably would buy these again because the original ones are way better.
Just no
Don’t think I will bug this again. The outside is chalky and the inside is soft and leave a bad aftertaste
Extra Sour
These are extremely sour but the fruity flavors are amazing. I love the chewy inside but the outside is a little hard so it can hurt your teeth. Overall an excellent treat to satisfy my sweet tooth!
Love giant chewy nerds
I love the giant chewy nerds but not a fan of the sour ones. My kids love the sour candies but they aren't my favorit
Love this variation!
My family loves nerds candy so it was great to finally try something sour by nerds and it did not disappoint! Delicious will be purchasing more.
Just right!
Perfectly placed in between sweet and tart and the outer candy shell gives way to an inside that’s not too sticky or sweet.
generally I am NOT a Nerds fan. But THIS and the Gummy clusters have become my TOP FAVEEE! THis one is my top 5 fave sour candy! I prefer this sour kind over the original kind in the yellow bag (that one is NOT a fave). :)
They taste really good. Have a nice crunch. Perfect for snacking alone or in groups. I would recommend the product to others. These are a snack that I purchase often myself. My friends love them too. Yummy!!
Swing and a miss on this one Nerds. These big sour and crunchy Nerds are disgusting. The hard putter shell doesn't taste too bad but, once you get to the gummy center the taste isnt so much sour as bitter.
So good!
Love these growing up and even loved them as jelly beans around Easter! The shell is crunchy and it’s very chewy inside.
Kids Love These
My grandson had these today and he loves them. He let me try a few and they are crunchy and chewy with a cool sour taste.
My kids love it
I love these bug it's not that sour and I love the crunchiness
I’m an extreme nerds lover. I can eat these all day , everyday. These are super delicious. I love the outer part the most and I would definitely recommend this 1000%.
Cruncy candy sour
I love these so much, especially since it helps with my blood sugar. I actually never heard of this brand before until now. I did not really like the price, but still tried it anyways. sour crunchy
wasn't expecting them to taste the same but they are great. Love the the initial burst of flavor. And being bigger is a perk.

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