4.6 5 0 190 190 Deleita tus sentidos y tus papilas gustativas con los nuevos Dulces grandes masticables ácidos de Nerds. Ahora, puedes tener un stock de tus dulces masticables favoritos a mano en tu cocina u oficina. Estas golosinas te harán sonreír con su agradable textura crujiente y masticable y sus dulces sabores frutales.
Dulces grandes masticables ácidos y crocantes de Wonka Nerds
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These are fantastic. Not to hard in the outside and a super chewy surprise on the inside . They are absolutely delicious. Sweet and tart. I am beyond happy with this tasty treat!
Bite Size Nerd Rope
So I love Nerds and the Nerds Rope is one of my favorite snacks. The only issue is that it’s not exactly travel friendly...these give me the taste of a Nerds Rope in bite sized pieces! So of course I love them! They’re also the shape of eggs, so they’re the perfect treat to fill Easter Eggs ☺️.
My new favorite candy
The crunchiness andded with the gumminess makes for an amazing combination. By far my new favorite candy.
Sour and Yummy
Wonka Nerds Big Chewy Sour & Crunchy Candy are a must buy for anyone who loves something sweet and something sour. Our entire family enjoys these. They have just the right amount and sweetness and a little bit of sour to give you the kick in the mouth that I know I enjoy. The hard candy on the outside and chewy center are the perfect combination for this yummy candy. I would absolutely recommend these to anyone who loves the original nerds candy and to anyone who has a sweet tooth. We will certainly be purchasing again and again.
Like the texture, LOVE the TASTE!!!!! The name; "Wonka Nerds Big Chewy Sour & Crunchy Candy" is quite a mouthful, to say the least! However, all-in-all; great texture, excellent flavor(s), sweet AND a bit tangy, you can not ask for anything more, especially from a candy!!!!!
Heaven in my 👄
This product is very yummy fruity not too sour and the outside shell is nice and then with the chewy on the inside is great I could sit and eat a whole bag of these by myself I recommend the is to everybody I see because they are great and they're my favoritekoo
Great Hit with Kids!
My kids, and myself absolutely Love this candy! We love nerds and these are chewy so the candy and taste lasts longer! It the new candy favorite at my house!
Way too much sour sugar
They're too sugary-sour, if that's even a thing... But worst of it, they're hard and not chewy enough...
Just Ok
Better than the original nerds, in my opinion, but not my favorite. Hard, crunchy fruit flavored outer shell with a chewy,soft center. A little sweet with a little sour. Overall, they are a good candy and value priced. But not great.
Great product
Has just the right amount of sourness to make the candy pleasurable to eat.
The flavor just explodes in your mouth each flavor is better then you'd think it be. They are affordable and delicious
Sweet and sour
I l o ve this candy hits my sweet tooth. When i want somthing fruity in my mouth .These hit the sweet spot
Can’t eat just one
These are the best. Small crunchy & sweet snack. Mix flavors together for awesome bold flavors. You can’t just eat one.
Potty training treat!
I use these as a potty training treat for my child. It motivates her to go use her potty.
Hands down my favorite candy and go to anytime I have a sweet tooth!

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