4.8 5 0 43 43 Saborea el arco iris y celebra esa gran bandera con paquetes coloridos de dulces estadounidenses patrióticos mixtos rojo, blanco y azul de SKITTLES. Esta edición especial de dulces SKITTLES contiene todos tus sabores frutales favoritos, incluidos los de fresa, mora, frambuesa, bayas silvestres y fresa china, y además, todos están cubiertos con los colores patrióticos.
Dulces patrióticos estadounidenses mixtos rojo blanco y azul de SKITTLES
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Excellent flavors! The appeal of the bag is what drew me to it. The taste and freshness of the skittles are delightful. Not too bitter and not too sweet. I munch on these throughout the day and love them!
Love that Skittles does red white and blue and still has that amazing fruity Skittles flavor! Definitely would buy these again!
Best candy out there
Skittles never goes wrong. Always amazing. Me and my kids are Skittles freaks.
Great product
I loved these they are so good !they were berry flavors . I recommend these kind for everyone to try .
Love skittles
Skittles are my favorite candy! And this was super yummy! The only thing ill say is that the one color didn't have a lot of flavor.
Red white and blue
Love skittle's all the different flavors.Every holiday they just go with.
Tasty Skittles
Love the colors and the flavors. We play at home on who is getting the blues. Skittles taste yummy
Such good flavors!
If you like berry then this is for you! These are some of the best skittles flavors that have been put together! One small note I would make is there are two red skittles that are virtually indistinguishable but are two different flavors!
Taste rainbow
Me and my kid love the great fruit taste of skittles and even more happy at New Patriot package
One of the best Skittles variety
My friend who always had Skittles, gave me some of these America Mix Skittles, and let me tell you, these are bomb. I loved every single flavor, but the thing with Skittles is that when you eat too much, your mouth starts to hurt. I would recommend these for sure, but just remember not to eat too much.
These Skittles were amazing and it matched the holiday and the kids loved theml
The colors of these Skittles are beautiful. These are my daughter's favorite candy
Skittles America Mix
I love these skittles. The flavors of different berries is awsome. I definitely recommend them.
Skittles red,white & blue
I like this product but I personally prefer the original ones. I think the taste is not as flavorful.
I love skittles. I like this different colors. I like to get more

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