4.5 5 0 100 100 Exquisitos trozos de duraznos endulzados al sol con saludables semillas de chía sabor a fresa y pitahaya.
Duraznos Fruit & Chia de Del Monte, con semillas de chía sabor a fresa y pitahaya
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Seeds of confusion.
O tried these fruit cups with chia seedsbecause I love regular fruit cups, and these looked healthier than what I usually buy so decided to try em out. Boy was I disappointed, the chia is really overwhelming, and it tastes like that's all you're eating. Maybe ill start rethinking that "healthier" purchase next time.
A great and healthy snack. A little pricey for the quantity
I love the taste of this fruit cup. The flavors compliment each other really well.
Very good!
I love all the varieties of this product! It is so good. I like to eat these for breakfast. I hope they come out with more flavors!
I don't care for this product I loved the idea of getting an advantage of healthy eating but I don't like the feel in my mouth the flavor was ok and love you can pack it
These are absolutely delicious! Great for a healthy breakfast on the go. I love that they incorporated chia seeds making it a superfood packed breakfast, that’s quick and easy.
Very good
These are very tasty and I really enjoyed them. However, I wish there was more than 2 in a package. They are quite expensive for only having 2 per package. Therefore, I was not able to buy as many as I would have liked. They are a tasty snack to have any time of the day.
Clean tasting with the perfect level of sweetness! I really enjoyed it and think that it is very refreshing to eat!
I consume chia regularly but never tried these fruit cups because I thought they looked weird. I am kicking myself for not trying them sooner they are sooooooooo good! The flavor is very light but noticeable and the peaches actually have texture to them. My children love them as well.
Esta muy rico
No es muy dulce y esta delicioso 😋 me gusta la combinación de la chia con la fruta no le da la textura babosa que suelta el chia
I love this combination of fruit tastes very well a little touch of sweet, the juice tastes like strawberry I do not know what the other fruit is the dragon that all seems peach but very good also the little seeds of chia very good also says it has fiber and omega-3 very good try it.
Satisfied my sweet tooth
Great snack or desert and easy to take in a lunch box.
Great healthy Treat
I was at Target with my friend shopping, and she told me "you have to try these Del Monet Fruit and Chia cups". Out of all the flavors the strawberry, dragon fruit and peach was the most appealing to me. I love strawberries and dragon fruit. So I bought a pack and tried it the next morning and I absolutely loved it!! It's a good healthy snack when you are carving something sweet. Its Prefect: fresh, fruity, sweet and healthy. Also my 2 year loves the chia seed fruit sauce, but well not eat the pieces of peach. We usually share a fruit cup :)
I am loving this fruit & chia snack from Del Monte
I have tried just about every flavor combination of these fruit & chia snacks from Del Monte including most recently the Peaches in Strawberry Dragon Fruit variety and I have enjoyed all of them tremendously. Strawberry is one of my favorite flavors and this flavor did not disappoint.
Delicious way to incorporate more chia into your diet! These are super handy for a snack and very tasty. I would definitely recommend these.

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