4.5 5 0 23 23 El enjuague bucal blanqueador con carbón activado de menta lunar sin flúor de MOON lleva el enjuague bucal a otro nivel. Este no es el típico enjuague bucal con carbón activado: Limpia, calma y revitaliza su boca sin dejar el fregadero todo desordenado.
Enjuague Bucal Blanqueador con Carbón Activado de Menta Lunar sin Flúor de MOON
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pearly white
I live by anything charcoal the detoxification is by far. It gives off the cleanest feeling. The clean feeling add more whitening ingredients if possible. recommend to everyone I see
Pretty good, but not worth the hype.
This toothpaste does in fact work, but not if you have bad stains. My teeth did get whiter but its because they are already pretty white to begin with. My husband on the other hand it didnt do much for him no matter how muchhe used it. I believe it was hyped up alot because a Kardashian made it, but there are much cheaper better bransds out there
Moon charcoal peppermint flouride free mouthwash
I wasn't impressed with this product,especially for the price&special natural ingredients.The flavoring&natural ingredient mixture items just don't make for a great tasting experied product to use&buy
Un excelente enjuague bucal que da limpieza a la boca y frescura y sin floruro mi familia y yo lo probamos y nos gusto
Whitens teeth better than teeth whitening stripes.It is good for us and for teeth sensitivity
This product is marvelous. My breath so clean. My teeth the difference in the way the texture felt was amazing. I would truly recommend this product.
Worth the purchase
Whitens teeth better than teeth whitening stripes. Does not bother my sensitive teeth. Leaves you mouth feeling super clean without any irratation to face.
MOON Activated Charcoal Whitening
MOON Activated Charcoal Whitening Fluoride-Free Lunar Peppermint Mouth Rinse MOON Activated Charcoal Whitening Fluoride-Free Mouth Rinse takes mouthwash to another level. This is not your average activated charcoal mouthwash: Clean, soothe and revitalize your mouth without the messy sink.
Very Very nice product face are look whitening
Very Very nice product face are look whitening and 5star
this producat is very excellent and smel is very nice
ye prouduct very nice iski kushboo achch or iski smel pr ladkiya diwani hai
To be a part of polluted city,. It helps to clean up my face's dirt nd pollution which further prevent pimples. Activated charcoal is the powerful thing in it .
Works wonderfully
I have a problem with dry mouth or HAD a problem until I invested in this product. When using it with charcoal toothpaste my teeth get SUPER WHITE!!
really works like it says
not expensive but should be for how well this works i love this and will continue to buy this every week,i liked the style of the bottle and the smell was great. i have recommended this to family and friends.
Good product
I bought the whole set I like the fact it doesn’t sting my mouth and the toothpaste is great I haven’t tried the whiting pen yet
Quisiera probarlo ya que busco algo asi en mi rutina bucal

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