4.6 5 0 72 72 Nuestro cálido y acogedor sabor a latte de calabaza sabe a otoño con notas de crema, espresso suave de especias de calabaza y una pizca de canela.
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Quality product
I love how eos keeps my lips moisturized for so long. I don’t have to keep re-applying.
Moisturizing Lip Balm
This Lip Balm Lasts Long and Is Satisfying. It’s a Great Moisturizer. It’s even safe enough that my 5 year old Nephew Has His Own and Uses it all the time. I would totally Recommend this!
NOt a fan
I don't care for this brand. When you first apply it you feel moisturized but shortly after you need to reapply.
So Delicious!
Love the mixture of flavors in this eos. I have such dry lips this time of the year and it applied smoothly and nourished my lips just right! I only h!d to apply a few times a day versus other brands. It is one of my new favorites!
Bye bye dry lips
It's a fantastic lip balm for your dry lips it's give nourishment to your lips and it's smell really good ... I tried it from last two years ... And I am loving it 😍
Not really a fan. Does make your lips feel nice for the first 5 minutes...but unless you re-apply religiously you'll be back where you started. Smell is okay, but I feel for the price you can find something much better that actually works.
eos lip balms
This is a unique lip balm it come is a cool looking container, it is all natural, provides great hydration for you lips and come in a variety of flavors and provides great protect from the sun on your lips and provided a delicious taste on you lips but is not made to be portable to carry in you shirt or pant pockets
Great Flavor
Fantastic flavor! Great for the avid pumpkin lover! Would definetly consider purchasing!
Me encanta
Me encanta este bálsamo sobretodo en temporada de otoño lo recomiendo mucho!
best lipbalm
very good balm leave my lips soft and moisture. never feel dry after applying this balm .
Two great things that go great together, pumpkin and EOS!!
Amazing!!! Two great things that go great together, pumpkin and EOS!! I tried switching to other after seeing the hype about it, but the lip balm contains agents in it that dried my lips out so they started peeling all the time! After 3 months of suffering I switched back to EOS and my lips haven't peeled once. Love you EOS!
Feels like fall❤️❤️
I love the scent it makes me think of fall and thanksgiving and keeps My lips soft and moisturized
Great product
This product is overall great! It keeps your lips moisturized while tasting pumpkin! If you are not a big pumpkin lover though beware. The smell and taste can be a little overwhelming.
I like this, but I don’t love it. The smell is a little overpowering. Tastes ok and the package is cute. The smell is just not great.
‘tis the season for Everything spice pumpkin
This is the perfect lip balm for the season if you love spice pumpkin you must try this I was gifted to it by my grandmother and I think her for that because I’m for sure going to buy more just to keep around the house since I’m sure they won’t be selling them after the seasons

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