4.6 5 0 89 89 Nuestro cálido y acogedor sabor a latte de calabaza sabe a otoño con notas de crema, espresso suave de especias de calabaza y una pizca de canela.
eos Bálsamo labial con sabor a latte de calabaza
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Worth it
I love eos lip balm. Lasts longer then the usual sticks. Also it really does help moisten. I also don't find myself needing to use it constantly
So pumkiney
Omg I love EOS lip balm so much! For the pumpkin lovers out there, this is the lip balm for you! Comes in the standard eos ball and inside is the wonderful smell of pumpkin, can you ask for anything better???
Not my cup of tea
Bought this lip balm as every one was raving about how good it is. The first month the product was balmy and helped my lips to keep moist. After that time the balm turned waxy and did not do anything to keep my lips moisturiyed.
The flavour and fragrance of this product is quite good but m giving it 2 star because of its dryness and hard to apply on the lips. Lip balm should be smooth and soft and must contain moisture that soothe lips.
Like it
It’s a great product I’m not a huge fan of the smell but other then that great
Loved it
I absolutely love this this lil ball of lip balm lasts longer than others, really soft and smooth. Keeps lips moist and soft. I highly recommend it to other ppl and my friends and family
Love it
Great for all the time usage and doesn't leave a heavy film like other products of this nature tends to. Nice flavor as well.
Freaking yummy
What better way to start the day than with a super yummy shot of moisture and delicious barista-inspired flavor? Latte vibes. Creamy hydration. All the fall feels. Cozy up to delicious flavor, incredible moisture and good for your ingredients like Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and Pumpkin Oil for a lip balm you can really FALL in love with. Like, a latte!
Brings Some Spice to your Life
I have been skeptical to use EOS products ever since studies showed something years ago about EOS being dangerous. When I saw this scent/flavor for the lip balm, though - I couldn't resist. I absolutely loved it and it truly brought some spice to my soul!
Eos is amazing
I always carry an Eos around with me and I absolutely love this whipped pumpkin one. I recommend to anyone who loves keeping there lips moisturized.
Mmm pumpkin...
I love Eos brand anyways for my lips. I do like the pumpkin latte flavor however its not my favorite. I like most that it leaves my lips soooo soft and smooth and its long lasting!
Best lip balm
Eos is the best lip balm on the market in my eyes its convenient to carry and taste great also helped my sons chapped lips
I tried this since it’s fall/winter, absolutely loved it. Kept my lips smooth all day.
I love all of these products, especially this one. This product makes my lips very soft, especially during the winter months. My children also use this product, perfect for them to take to school with them.
My favorite balm
I love this product, I have 2 in my purse, one on my desk and one in my car. I actually prefer these to ChapStick, and they last longer. They have products to use for the summer as well. Compact size works wonders for me.

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