Equate Beauty Gentle Exfoliating Bath & Shower Loofah for Body 3pk

4.6 5 0 517 517 Mantenga su piel brillante y limpia con la suave y eficaz Lufa para el cuerpo de baño y ducha exfoliante suave Equate Beauty. Estos pufs de baño pueden limpiar y exfoliar suavemente tu piel. Simplemente agregue su gel de baño favorito a la malla exfoliante y aplique una espuma abundante para eliminar suavemente la suciedad, los desechos y las células muertas de la piel de todo el cuerpo. El uso diario dejará tu piel con una sensación de tersura y frescura. Nuestra esponja de baño viene con un conveniente lazo de cuerda en un extremo para colgar sobre la boquilla de la ducha o el gancho para que se seque fácilmente entre usos. Tómate unos minutos más para darle a tu piel el cuidado que se merece con nuestra esponja corporal de baño y ducha exfoliante suave Equate Beauty.
Equate Beauty Gentle Exfoliating Bath & Shower Loofah for Body 3pk


Squeaky Clean
I enjoy the exfoliating refreshing feel cleaning. Makes everything feel fresh.
Shower time!
Ive used these since i was a teenager. I love these!
Decent scrubby for cheap.
Decent scrubby for cheap. Works well and doesn’t fall apart right away
Decent shower poof
Nothing to write home about, but it is a good shower poof. I have had it for about a month now and it hasn't fallen apart on me like other similarly priced poofs have in the past.
A staple
I snag a nee one of these every month or so. Theyre inexpensive and Walmart always has them available. Multiple colors and the loofah part is soft not scratchy.
Bath & Shower Scrubbies
They are soft to the skin. They lather using very little soap. After you wash your skin, it feels a little tingly and refreshed.
Sorry, but these just hold dead skin inside of them, just a germ factory! I will only use Face and Body Cloths in our Family-with Baclock Technology!
Great bathing accessory
These are basic bathing sponge/loofahs but are soft and effective at soap distribution and cleaning
Perfect for the right scrub for those sensitive parts. It leaves my body so clean. And it's a 3 pack!
Best loofah
This loofah lathers your soap or body wash great. They don't fall apart as easy as other brands
good product
very soft, worth the money, and last long, easy to wash.
amazing quality
I was able to pick up this pack of 3 loofahs from my local Walmart and I'm high satisfied. They are very affordable and high quality as well as a variety of colors to choose from. I LOVE this 3 pack for my family of 3. Gentle but effective on the skin and no tugging at all.
Its only good for one time
I don't know about u but I don't want my wash rag to hang around while other shower. If there was something u could store it in. It gets you clean it feels like expect your face.But there is no way that don't have so many germs on it. I just can't get myself to use one sorry
Wanna get Clean???
These are fairly good, for what they cost.. Just don't expect long overall use, they do start too fall apart rather quickly but for a $1 these definitely will get you clean. If you want to pay a few dollars more, Equate has a thicker one that would really great.
These are a dollar for a reason. They work great but fall apart easily.

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