Equate Daytime And Nighttime Softgel 48c

4.7 5 0 440 440 Equate Daytime & Nighttime Cold & Flu Multi-Symptom Relief 48 Count alivia dolores de cabeza, fiebres, dolores de garganta, dolores y molestias menores, congestión nasal y tos. La fórmula sin alcohol y sin antihistamínicos viene en una cápsula blanda, por lo que es fácil de tragar.
Equate Daytime And Nighttime Softgel 48c


Cheap did the trick
Walmart did the trick cheap med and and they work well easy to swallow
Great price and works
Everytime I get sick this is what I reach for. Affordable and better priced than name brands but works the same. I do wish they included a few more night capsules as they really work to help you sleep better. But overall really great!
cold /Flu Meds I Can Afford
Yes I Can Now Buy A Cold And Flu Meds For Day And Night At A Cost That Wont Break My Bank And Works As Great As Niquil Day & Nite Does For Half The Cost, Its Works Wonders , I Would Definately Recommend
Affordable/Effective for Cold/Flu/COVID
My husband and I both got COVID in August. I bought this product from Walmart.com because it was cheaper than the name brand products and had the same ingredients/amounts. I started taking this product every 8 hours once I realized I had a fever. My fever started going down within a couple hours and went away completely by the next day. This medicine also helped lessen my other symptoms (headache, body ache, cough, sore throat, etc.). My husband got sick a couple days after me, and he refused to take any medicine for several days, so he had a high fever and bad symptoms for almost a week before he started to slowly recover. This made all the difference between me having mild COVID for a couple weeks and him suffering with much worse symptoms for almost a month. For further context, we have both been vaccinated for COVID and got 1 booster last fall.
Recently got a cold and tried using these. They helped so much with my symptoms. Definitely would use next time I get a cold!
Same thing as the name brand
I always buy this brand. It is usually always a few dollars cheaper than the other. And it works the same if not better. Choose this one and save a few dollars.
Amazing product
works really well, I used it when i had Covid and it worked great to reduce the chest congestion, headache and coughing. I was miserable until i took this and it made me feel so much better.
Great price
Works just as well of name brand works great
This works great! It’s a great price since it’s “off brand” and the ingredients are the exact same for the higher end ones
Not that effective but does work somewha
I took this for my most recent head cold. I have to say it felt like being in a medicated twilight zone. It zonked me out. Has caffeine in it. Is not very good at clearing up congestion.
These cold 7 flu capsules work very well. They helped me with my symptoms.
Good value!
Superb cold and flu medicine from Equate brand. I've tried several generic meds. from Walmart and have hardly been disappointed.
Definitely Recommend It
This product is really good for the price and it works really well I definitely recommend it worth every penny
Great product
I have used this when I get a cold. Let me tell you, works great for day and night use. Pills are easy to swallow. The nighttime pill lets you sleep all night and you wake up feeling refreshed and not drowsy. These are my go to when I am feeling under the weather.
Great product
This product worked great for me. I would recommend it to anyone.

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