Equate No Drip Nasal Spray Oxymetazoline HCl; Provides 12 Hour Nasal Congestion Relief 1 fl oz

4.6 5 0 198 198 Compare con el ingrediente activo Afrin No Drip. No gotea el aerosol nasal, el HCl de oximetazolina no gotea de la nariz ni de la garganta. Para 12 horas, alivio de fuerza máxima de la congestión nasal y de los senos nasales y la presión de los senos nasales debido a resfriados y alergias. Este aerosol nasal contiene oximetazolina HCl al 0.05%. Niebla de bomba descongestionante nasal. Sellado de seguridad. Este producto no contiene gluten.
Equate No Drip Nasal Spray Oxymetazoline HCl; Provides 12 Hour Nasal Congestion Relief 1 fl oz


The nose spray works wonderful just like it supposed too
Good product
I used then when I had a horrible head cold. It really helped clear my sinuses and kept the congestion at bay. Life saver!
Works just as well
This nasal spray works as well as Afrin and other name brands. Easy to use and keeps you feeling clear and fresh without stuffiness.
Love it!
I get sick at least once every winter with some pretty nasty upper respiratory stuff. This works great. It's cheap and it works! Nothing else will open my nose like this product. I like it even better than the name brand alternatives. If you get sick and you can't breathe out your nose, get this. It won't disappoint.
Equate nose spray.
I have used this product when I have had sinus infection. It works good so you can breathe. I recommend this product to friends and family if sick.
My go to!
This has been my product of choice for awhile. When my allergies get out of hand this really helps to unstuff my nose. Works just as good as the leading name brand.
My Allergies...
I have the absolute worse allergies, and Equate nasal spray has helped me tremendously. I always carry Equate nasal spray in my purse. It sure has helped me!
Try this!
I have to say that I am a huge fan of Equate products because they save my family money and most of them work the same as the other name brand items. I have been using them for at least 30 years. This spray works the same as higher priced brands!
Definitely worth a try
For the price this works as good as leading brand. Doesn’t drip. Easy to use.
Great product
Great product and does exactly what it is supposed to do. Helps me with my allergies. Highly recommend
Love it!!!
Instant relief!!! Once you use it, you can just feel the congestion easing away.
Relief at last!
This spray is a lifesaver during pollen season! It does like it states and stops the drip. I love how compact it is for on the go travel.
Great product
An excellent product to get when you are having some nasal congestion. Works in minutes and it is my secret weapon when I am having issues with clogged nasal issues. Affordable and works great.
Just ok
This is great for stuffy nose but I prefer the equate fast acting. It gives you instant relief where this one takes a bit
This helped my bf with his clogged nose from how congested he was feeling. That instant relief was so worth it

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