4.6 5 0 480 480 No raya – es segura para ollas y sartenes antiadherentes. ¡Enjuague de forma limpia - incluso los huevos y el queso no se le pegan!
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works great
I really loved how it wasn't easily torn when I was scrubbing my day old bacon off my pan. It also absorbed water and soap very well. The wave like shape did help to grip the sponge better. The pours assisted in releasing the soap and water out when I was done using product.
Great product.
I bought these on a whim & I'm glad I did. Finally a product that does what it claims. Food is removed from what I've cleaned as well as the sponge itself. Not a thing was left on the sponge after I rinsed it.
great for pots
this is great for pots. gets baked on food off with no problem
My new go-to sponge
My new go-to sponge for washing dishes. Like the dual sides which are softer than a hard-sided dual sided-sponge. Soft but still able to clean food and caked-on leftovers.
Absolutely love them
These are great sponges for cleaning dishes with dried-on food
Lasts forever!
This sponge is amazing. It gets up dried and caked food on so easily with minimal effort, is sturdy and lasts forever. I wash it in the washing machine bc I hate throwing sponges away and I seriously love it so much. 10/10 recommend
Scotch-Brite Scrub Dots
I recommend this to anyone who has a hard time cleaning dishes...especially pots and pans. It gets all the hard, dried-up food off without having to scrub until your arm feels like it's going to fall off. It doesn't get that nasty smell like most scrubbers do after a few uses. Its amazing.
Very durable
Love these sponges when I found them shopping, the scrubbing do sides are great for my tfal cookware. They don't get the sour small as other sponges seem to obtain so quickly.
I like this sponge it gets the job done I would recommend buying it
These sponges work great.
I have tried many dish sponges throughout my adult life. This one holds up and doesn't fall apart while you are using it. They clean well and get the job done. They do everything a dish sponge should.
Great cleaning buddy
I'll only buy this brand. They're sturdy for cleaning dishes, kitchens bathrooms, carpet spills, walls and plenty more. They come in packs of three and don't easily fall apart.
Great for Multi Use!
I love this sponge for not only tough grease on pots and pans, but also for cleaning my bathroom tub and tile! It works wonders! This is the best sponge I have used this far, and definitely will be purchasing again in the future!
Tough on stains!
I love these! They are tough on stains but not on your pots or pans! Other scrub pads either ate away at the pan or didn’t get the job done. I think these are made perfectly and need no improvements! They are my go to!
Scotch Brite made a good choice with adding the scrub dots. These scrub dots help to make cleaner pots and pans. The dots get down into the caked on food and gives you no left over food still on you pots and pans. It has two sides to do a soft clean or the dots that get down in there. mkmaki
Best sponge!
I love this sponge I like that it’s not too thick but not too thin so it’s easy to clean hard to get in spaces. I also like that it last long!

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