4.6 5 0 528 528 No raya – es segura para ollas y sartenes antiadherentes. ¡Enjuague de forma limpia - incluso los huevos y el queso no se le pegan!
Esponja Scrub Dots de Scotch-Brite®
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  • 528 Reseñas


Esponjas para lavar platos
Son suaves especial para las ollas aluminio inocidables para no hacer rallones
Limpia sin rayar
El estropajo es eficaz quitando la suciedad pero a la vez protegiendo las superficies.
Mi esponja favorita.
De muy buena calidad ,Deja los platos bien limpios.
Muy bueno
No daña las superficies y limpia muy bien. Es duradero.
cleans the whole house
Works great on frying pans and pots (the bumpy side) The sponge side is thick enough to do an effective job at cleaning or sopping up. Also with 3 sponges in a pack you can have one in the kitchen, bathroom and elsewhere. It is safe for all sorts of surfaces, no fear of scratching., and sanitizes in the dishwasher. The curvy shape is comfortable to hold.
Scotch brite
Scotch brite scrub dots works wonders on pots and pans.
Scotch-Brite Scrub Dots
Messes happen. It's a fact of life. However, trying to clean those messes can be difficult and can sometimes take more effort than they should. A stuck on mess might try your patience and a little more elbow grease might not always be the solution especially when you might be running low on elbow grease along with your patience. Scotch-Brite Scrub Dots has textured dots that allow it to easily pick up and remove tough messes around the kitchen without scratches or damaging the surfaces of counters, pans, or stovetops, while also allowing it to be simply rinsed clean. It saves time and effort that you can re-focus into other tasks or yourself as well as money for when you save a pan from stuck on messes or scratches. It's a great product, which is why I give it five stars and highly recommend it.
Great for pans
I love this sponge because of the textured scrubbing dots on it! I used it for all my non stick pans and baking dishes for food that was stuck to sides after baking. I have no dishwasher so this makes the chore of doing dishes much easier.
I wash my dishes usually at dishwasher machine, but some pans and big stuffs usually hand wash. I was worrying before trying this sponge, but i'm in love now😍 Won't scratch- safe for non-stick pots and pans. I recommend it to everyone!!!
No me funsiona
No me gusto mucho por lo caro que es y para que no sirva despues de unos dias huele feo si bien no raya pero el olor que desprendia no me agradó asi que yo no lo recomie do en lo absoluto
This sponge was perfect for me to clean with. It cleaned everything from my counter tops and stove to my pans. I don't think any improvements need to be made on this product. I will definitely be using this product from now on.
Great Product
Great product! The only sponge I'll use and because the scrubbing side is not abrasive it's safe to use on almost every surface in my home.
Not impressed
Bought because the store was out of the usual sponges that I buy. I didn't feel that they were better than the Scotch Brite Sponges that I already use.
Absolute Necessity
This sponge is my little secret to my steel pots and coated pans. It's tough enough to clean my pots, but gentle enough to clean my pans without scratching and taking off their coating. They always last me longer than the other brands also. I definitely get my money's worth out of them
Kitchen/Bedroom scrubbers
Great for tough scrubbing very durable. Multi purpose for around the house.

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