4.8 5 0 803 803 Convierta su ducha diaria en un momento de relajación con esta espuma de ducha de lavanda ligera y suave.
Espuma de Ducha Relajante de Lavanda de la línea Purely Pampering de Dove
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This wash is quite relaxing. It smells so lovely and is so pure.
great calming scent
I love love love this stuff! It makes bathing such a luxurious experience with the calming scent. It leaves me feeling clean and fresh and washes off easily and leaves my skin feeling smooth and I love to get in bed after using this and still smell the scent of it. A great before-bedtime soak with this always leaves me sleeping well.
Permanent Shower Staple!
I love this body wash. It has a permanent spot in my shower as I use it nearly everyday. Not only does it make me feel clean, it also makes my skin feel soft and moisturized. The smell is very relaxing as well, especially at night before bed.
Dove lavender body wash
I absolutely love this product. It left me feeling clean and refreshed. It also leaves your skin feeling so soft.
Relaxation taken to another level
I love this product I worked 12 hrs on my feet and used this at the end of the night and felt like I watched all my stress go into the drain
Great Bodywash
I loved this Dove bodywash! It smells so wonderful and left my skin so soft! It doesn’t take much to make a lot of lather. The price is a great one as well! Dove always delivers! I would highly recommend this to anyone!
Smells amazing!
I absolutely love every scent of the Dove body washes. They leave my skin feeling clean and nourished! Very nicely designed bottle and budget friendly.
Loved using
Dove body wash smells so good ! It keeps skin soft . Most body washes drys out my skin but this one helped.
One of my favorite of all the smelling good soaps from this wornderful selection to choose from.shine is so silky and smooth.
First, I love the scent of this dove body wash. Also, a little goes a long way and makes lush foam that makes me feel pampered and clean. It's definitely my new favorite body wash.
Silky smooth
If you like the smell of lavender then your really going to enjoy this product. It has a nice texture and consistency, not too thick or runny and i love how it makes my skin feel smooth and smelling amazing.
I liked the texture and the way it left my skin so soft. I don’t like the smell but that will not impact in the good quality of the product. Good price and does its job. I always recommend it.
Silky Smooth
Leaves your body feeling so soft and smelling amazing.
really amazing product works perfect and the sensation of relax its really good, the scense its soft and leave a fragrance during hours, the quality of product its nice. recommended
Amazing product ever!
I've always been a fan of Dove products, but the body wash is beyond my favorite. I love the scent. The fragrance is wonderful where It makes the whole shower smell wonderful and relaxing. I recommend this product to everyone.

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