4.7 5 0 69 69 Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser está desarrollada por dermatólogos para la limpieza diaria de pieles sensibles y emplea una tecnología respetuosa con la piel para quitar el exceso de grasa, suciedad y maquillaje mientras protege la barrera de humedad natural de la piel.
Espuma limpiadora facial Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Foaming Facial Cleanser
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Amazing great on skin dose not dry out perfect for glowing skin. Soft formula even for sensitive skin like my sisters. Just wish there was more foam. Totally recommend. So happy about this product.
Very gentle product!
I sometimes use an exfoliating cleanser during the day but I wanted a product I could use at night and did not want to exfoliate twice in a day so I decided to try this product. I really like it. It's a really gentle cleanser and leaves my skin feeling clean and smooth after using it. I use it most nights beofre bed. I recommend trying it.
Gently cleanses
I absolutely love this cleanser. It is so gentle on my skin. My face gets super sweaty throughout the day so I wash often. Every other cleanser eventually dried my skin out, with this cleanser I can wash multiple times and my face is left feeling hydrated and not irritated.
Love this product Neutrogena so it's TRUE what it say gentle and even better it's for sensitive skin like mine that something very important to me very important cuz my skin well react fast if something was wrong but no this is good
In love with this cleanser!
Anyone with sensitive skin should try out this cleanser! It is fragrance free and extremely gentle on the skin. It leaves your skin feeling so refreshed and hydrated, not dried out, as some cleansers tend to do. It is by far one of my favorite face cleansing products.
Simple cleanser, doesn't dry you out
I love this cleanser. It's mild and doesn't have all the unnecessary ingredients other washes have. It doesn't suck all the moisture out of your skin. It's gentle and most importantly free of fragrance
My everyday cleanser
Absolutely love this facial cleanser. Its gentle enough to use everyday but still makes my face feel so clean ! My favorite part is that it does not dry out my face like most cleansers do. No harsh smells and also helps remove my makeup. Definitely would reccomend.
Gentle on skin
Gentle on skin and cleans really well I love to use this day and night on my skin.
This cleanser is gentle, perfect for sensitive skin! It didn't leave my skin feeling too dry after washing either.
I try Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Foaming Facial Cleanser because was on sale and I'm happy with the results. I have a dry skin and rosacea and this foaming is so gentle in my face and I don't feel burning or dry skin. I like it.
Works great
I actually really like this product. Just recently I've been suffering from dry, itchy painful skin on my face. I used to suffer from acne and was worried I would swing back from the dry itchy skin to acne again. That hasn't been the case at all. I also use the eye makeup remover and moisturizer from Neutrogena. I like the creaminess of the product as well. Just because it doesn't foam does not mean it is a lesser quality.
This product is great for the price - Very happy with it.
Gentle face wash
This is a very gentle face wash and didn’t irritate my skin but I didn’t feel like it really left my face super clean. Maybe it’s just me, but I wouldn’t likely purchase this again.
My Daily Cleanser
This is my go to daily cleanser. My dermatologist recommended it and they had free samples to try. It is clear and does not make my face burn or feel hot and red. I have sensitive skin and rosacea and this is the best cleanser I’ve tried for me. Thanks Neutrogena !
My favorite face wash
This is my favorite face wash! I have tried many and this one is the best. It removes all of my makeup without causing breakouts. It also has a refreshing odor.

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