4.8 5 0 55 55 Dulce y simple: Obtenga la experiencia más dulce en la ducha con este Exfoliante corporal con azúcar para la ducha de Sugar Rush que reafirma y suaviza delicadamente la piel.
Exfoliante corporal con azúcar para la ducha de Sugar Rush
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I love the smell of this product. After using this it made my skin so soft and smooth. Which then helped my self tan go on better and last longer. I would recommend this. Will buy again.
Morning Perker-Upper Shower Scrub
I am so into this Shower Sugar scrub by Tarte. Tarte makes amazing products, and this one doesn't disappoint. I love using it in the morning to get me ready for the day and the scent of it makes me feel great and wakes me up.
Love tarte
Tarte’s makeup never disappoints and their body lotions and scrubs are amazing as well
Yummy smelling
I bought this product on my own. I have to say the smell alone is worth the money. It makes your whole bathroom smell like you stepped into a sweets shop. I wish that it did better at exfoliting my skin but I almost felt like it disnt have enough texture in it to really get certain spots smooth. But my skin was still left soft and hydrated and smelled drool worthy. My husband definitely wanted to hug me anytime I used it just so he could smell me the whole time lol.
definitely 10/10....i would love to try other products also...im in love
Awesome Sauce
Price, Smell and they way it made my body scream hallelujah. This bad baby is my new favorite product.
The smell is wonderful, it makes me feel better Fresh & clean
Great product!
Oh the smell alone would have me drooling over this product! Makes the whole shower light up with its deliciously playful sugar notes! Only reason not 5 stars is that I wish it was more exfoliating.
Love it!!
This smells so amazing im a hard to please person when it comes to smell and this is 100% on point and the scrub feels ahhmazing!! Would totally buy agaib
I absolutely adore this scrub! It smells ahh-mazing and makes your skin feel so refreshed and soft. It's not greasy at all and it's not harsh like a lot of other scrubs can be. It's even perfect for everyday use! Definitely recommend!!
A plus plus plus
LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would totally buy it again left me feeling so good. I loved the smell the feel the everything about it it was amazing. Got it as a birthday present gong to totally buy some :D yes um
This is just amazing! I love scrubs but sometimes they can be harsh to the skin. But this one is so gentle, delicate on the skin and it feels so smooth and soft after. Plus amazing scent. I loved it so much!! Totally recommend!
Scrub fantastic
This scrub is fenom3nal, my skin is very very smooth , non grease. Loved this product. Great!!!
Amazing product!
I am inlove with this new tarte scrub! It smells great and really cleanse and makes my skin feels fresh and smooth after using this product. The packaging is super cute and the price is just right. Love it!
Leaves skin soft and glowing. Locks in moisture well!

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