4.8 5 0 67 67 Dulce y simple: Obtenga la experiencia más dulce en la ducha con este Exfoliante corporal con azúcar para la ducha de Sugar Rush que reafirma y suaviza delicadamente la piel.
Exfoliante corporal con azúcar para la ducha de Sugar Rush
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Sweet Scent & Exfoliates Perfectly
I am a huge fan of body scrubs. This Tarte scrub not only smells amazing but it works well. I generally wash my body then use this to exfoliate my skin. I do it twice per week to keep my skin soft and reduce the risk of acne from clogged pores.
Love this stuff!
I have tried multiple body scrubs from different brands high-end, drugstore etc. And I love this one, smells good, nice consistency, love this product =.
Love it
I absolutely love this product it makes you feel soft and smooth, after getting out the shower is my favorite time to use it .
Amazing 👌
I got this because I like the sugar rush face cleaner by Tarte. I knew their face wash is the only one I can use with our breaking out and I can't really use body wash either. However, this Sugar Rush Body Scrub is AMAZING! A little bit goes a long way, especially if you use one of those shower poofs. It smells amazing and leaves the slightest tingling sensation. It leaves my skin so soft and bright. They should sell a combo pack of the body scrub and face wash. (Bigger than the minis 😊)
At first I thought oh no , just another scrub. But, as I started to use, it actually felt a tingle. When I dried off, my body felt smooth. No improvement needed
Love It!!
I absolutely love It, it smells great and it just makes your skin so soft, and I mean it only takes one use and you feel the result, super clean, soft and great smelling. What else can you ask for. I have and will continue to recommend this product to everyone! And to top it off, the price is very reasonable. If you haven't tried it yet, give it a chance. It would make a great xmas gift/stocking stuffer or for a gift exchange, I'm sure that whoever you give it to will be happy.
Well Tarte is already great...
Tarte always creates a wonderful product. I wasn’t even a little hesitant about trying this because I’ve never been let down by a single thing I’ve ever tired. sugar rush body scrub was no different! Smells great and makes my skin so soft!
Awsome product
I love it it makes my skin feel so soft it smells so yummy
Buen día,Sugar Rush exfoliaste ,promete dejar la piel de las damas como si fuera un verdadero dulce ,suave ,perfumado y lindo a ala vista con la manteca de karite ,y el aceite de coco .
would love to try this product , Please send me one . Sherri Leach 34 annadea rd Brockton , ma 02302 Thank You Very Much.
U can never have too many sugar scrubs! Would love to try!
I have not tried this scrub from tarte but I have another scrub from them. It makes my skin or lips feel refreshed and smooth. I love tarte products. It smells good too. Highly recommend this.
Sounds very soothing and yummy smelling I’m sure. 😉
I love everything I have read about this body scrub so far,and I would love to try it out to see how it works.
Estoy segura que me ayudará y lo quiero probar por favor si me dieran una oportunidad

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