4.8 5 0 133 133 ¡Confíe en nosotros, querrá levantarse de la cama por esto! De la marca de exfoliantes Nº 1 de Canadá, este exfoliante contiene exfoliantes de origen 100% natural mezclados con extractos de coco y café. ¡Aproveche la energía del día con una piel suave y mimada!
Exfoliante Energizante de Coco y Café de St. Ives
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Nice to my skin, but mean to the animals 😔
I got this earlier this year as a gift. It's worked so well- my skin feels completely refreshed after I use it and it's one of my favorite exfoliants. Unfortunately I will not be re-purchasing due to company practices. Please stop testing on animals!
This product is so amazing it’s so soft on the skin! The coconut makes the skin so rejuvenated! So clean and fresh ! No improvements needed in this product. Great as is overall hans down!
Realmente me gusta el olor a café y más que realmente la sensación de las piedritas masajeando y te deja la piel suave lo amo
A favorite of mine!
I’ve always been a fan of St.Ives and this is another great one. It does leave your face feeling very refreshed & smooth. It does not have a hard application, it doesn’t feel harsh on the skin.
Me gusto mucho el producto. La piel se siente fresca y suave.
I’ve always had really bad acne and just after the first week my face cleared up a ton. This product always left my face feeling super smooth.
Great Morning Scrub
Best to use in the morning when you have to drag yourself out of bed. This scrub is great for cleaning away dead skin cells as well as providing a clean face. I would recommend to coffee lovers and clean face lovers.
Great and affordable
10 many pricey products don't compare. Also you can find it anywhere. Amazon or most drug stores and Walmart have St Ives
Best Scrub!
This is the best scrub I have ever tried. I love the texture of it because it is a little bit abrasive so it exfoliates my self tanner off easy. I also enjoy the yummy coffee smell it has to it.
St. Ives® Energizing Coconut & Coffee Scrub
This product was meant for us morning people. I love the scent of coffee and coconut waking up my senses. Nice scrub, not harsh on sensitive skin. Leaves my face feeling fresh and so smooth.
St. Ives scrub
Ever since i was a teenager i used st ives appricot face scrub. It was the best. This is even better! As an adult i love this scent and cant get enough. It wakes me up and does the job.its the veriable work horse lol
Me encanta
Es muy suave con mi piel yo sufro mucho de grasa y esto me ayuda a limpiar mi cara
Love the smell
I love this product. It smells just like coffee and I love coffee. So I get the best of both, it feels really great on my feet. Will definitely buy again.
great product
I love St.Ives face scrubs.The scrub really exfoliates well,leaving skin soft ,smooth,and healthy looking.Did not care for the coffee scented face ,though.
Smells AMAZING! Leaves skin very smooth, would buy again!

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