4.8 5 0 146 146 ¡Confíe en nosotros, querrá levantarse de la cama por esto! De la marca de exfoliantes Nº 1 de Canadá, este exfoliante contiene exfoliantes de origen 100% natural mezclados con extractos de coco y café. ¡Aproveche la energía del día con una piel suave y mimada!
Exfoliante Energizante de Coco y Café de St. Ives
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I have always been a fan of st Ives apricot scrub. I love this so much more. It smells great. Really does get in there and scrub away the yuck. Still a great price. I feel it works better.
A great comeback!
I've always been fond of both St.Ives and exfoliating beads,scrubs. I have been a loyal fan to St.Ives for many products, but specifically St.Ives apricot scrub Very similar, and a great new product to put to the test, especially if you have always turned to St.Ives apricot scrub as daily skincare routine.
Gentle on skin, with morning coffee wake up!
Like ALL St. Ives products this one does not disappoint! Another great product. Gently exfoliates while cleansing your skin with this wake you up a coffee wash. ;) One of my faves!
Coffee Scrub
I love St Ives face scrubs. It leaves my skin feeling soft. Taking away the dead skin, oils, and dirt.
Love it
It’s a great exfoliator and smells good. It doesn’t leave a oily residue
Didn't like the scent
Works well, but couldn't tolerate the coffee scent on my face, I just like to drink my coffee.
Great test product
This exfoiatxfoliated, smoothed, and softened and my skin. The coconut scent was good and if you're sensitive to fragrance, this should be okay. I will continue to use this product!
Works great
Smells great and gets the job done. Definitely recommend it.
I absolutely love this
I love this stuff, I dream of taking a shower while at work for this stuff. Smells amazing, my skin feels so soft a refreshing afterwords.
St Ives Scrub
St Ives Energizing Coconut Coffee face scrub smells amazing but it dried my combination skin out around nose and forehead area.
Works well
Overall the product is ok. The scent is fantastic. The problem i have with this is that traditional coffee scrubs are meant to be left one your skin until dry so the benefit of the coffee in this scrub is really null. Since its a newer market craze I think that is the appeal. Great scent but as compared to other scrubs it left me disappointed.
St Ives is Innovative
This is an innovative product. There are none out there with this combination that I've seen. St. Ives not only makes a wonderful energizing scrub where you actually "feel" the little pieces of scrubbing materials -- they make excellent shower scrubs, too!
Great product
I love how my skin feels after using this scrub! it’s the perfect summer scent! I highly recommend this product
So refreshing!
After washing my face with the St Ives Coconut & Coffee Scrub, my skin feels so refreshed and clean! It is not harsh on my skin and doesn't leave my face feeling dry, which a lot of scrubs and facial washes tend to do. The scent of the coconut & coffee is to die for as well! Great cleansing product.
This product is a great way of removing all of the dirt and old skin cells from your body

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