4.7 5 0 130 130 NUEVO Banana Boat® Simply Protect Sensitive™ El filtro solar proporciona una protección solar efectiva y contiene un 25% menos de ingredientes.
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Skin protection
I needed sunscreen while on vacation and I ended up grabbing this one in a hurry. This sunscreen worked very well and did not burn my sensitive skin. It effectively kept my skin from burning in the hot sun.
No burn
I use this frequently during the summertime especially on my grandbabies as they burn easily! This always comes in handy to keep them from burning and it smells great
Works for my super sensitive skin
I have super sensitive skin and I burn extremely easily. It's always difficult to decide to put on sunscreen that will irritate my skin or just stay out of the sun completely. I was in the pharmacy buying sunscreen last minute for an outside work event and saw the Banana Boat Simple Protect Sensitive Sunscreen and decided to give it a try. I was extremely satisfied and my skin wasn't irritated at all! It's all I buy for sunscreen now!!
It’s not enough
Have you’ve ever been a white girl i mean a really white girl. That’s me I’ve been on for over 40 years so trying to find something to keep me from burning that I don’t have to reapply every 10 minutes I really want one that does what it says you know every 4 hours is my goal so far nope I’m still trying
Good sunscreen
Bought this for my son who has sensitive skin and eczema didn’t irritate his skin
Love sun screen it protects your from the sun and getting burnt this is my favorite I bought one the other day but bought a cheep one I trust them
Beach Necessity
I'm a long time beach goer, and every single time I reach for banana boat. The 50 spf sensitive skin lotion works wonders for preventing sunburn and dry skin! You do have to keep reapplying it for maximum effectiveness, but that's a small ask for no sunburn or breakouts from a product!
Less chemicals and no tears
We used this all summer. I like that it doesn’t have all the extra chemicals that other sunblocks have. My kids also didn’t complain of their eyes burning from it not even once.
really good
I really liked Banana Boat simply protect suntan lotion. Like the scent and it applies easily. Good spf 50 protection and no irritation
Great product for sensitive skin
I have sensitive skin and all other sunscreens ive tried leave my skin with an itching or burning sensation. This works great on sensitive skin.
Trusted brand and it did well on my sensitive skin. No breakout. Fragrance was tolerable. Not over powering like most sunscreens
I was so worried about trying a new sunscreen since they got rid of mine but this one is so much better. It's smooth, light weight and not as oily as my last one. It felt good nit tasting sunscreen on my hands when we went to the lake for our picnic and even though i have sensitive skin it didn't bither it like most. I'm so impressed if they keep making products like tgese I'll always do my best to protect my skin.
Banana Boat
This is a very gentle sunscreen that not only works but is great for very sensitive skin. Its not greasy or heavy feeling and did not bother my skin problems.
Not excellent. Not Terrible.
It worked really great. But it was hard to rub it in and it was very oily and greasy. I did like that after I rubbed it in I barely knew I was wearing it. I would recommend it, just have a towel nearby to wipe the grease off your hands.
To thick
It was hard to rub it in and felt very thick And greasy

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