4.3 5 0 5 5 Las Toallitas Faciales de Corteza de Sauce con formula no grasa de FOUND CLARIFYING son 98% Natural* Una toallita que elimina la suciedad, la grasa y la suciedad con suavidad y eficacia. La corteza de sauce promueve una piel de aspecto más claro, mientras que el hamamelis tonifica y suaviza.
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Great feeling
Loved the way my skin felt, seemed like I had to rinse more than I should have or it would be 5 stars
is OK
This wipes feels like normal facial wipes. Nothing that I have never tried before. It does the JOb. Not too pricy. I'll like for it to remove tough make-up like mascara. I do recommend it. Although do not expect something wow.
Love this! Leaves.your face so soft and clean! I have used several different cleansers before I tried these, sure wish I had known.
Would love to try this product and compare to one's I have used in the past. Never heard of this product but again willing to try
Wouldn’t mind giving this product a try. It look look it would leave feeling smooth and clean.

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