5 5 0 29 29 Una rica galleta de chocolate cubierta con helado que se infunde con crema irlandesa antes de que todo el cuadrado se sumerja en una cubierta de chocolate negro.
Galleta Cuadrada de Crema Irlandesa de Haagen Dazs
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deliciosos ... suave textura.... tienes que probarlos
Lo mejor en galletas
Verdaderamente muy riquísimas lo mejor en producto para comerlas con leche como bocado en alguna reunión o para los niños que les encanta espero volver a degustar el producto nuevamente
Todos los productos de esta marca son riquisimos
Me gustan todos los productos de esta marca y sobre todo los helados son los mejores
Haaagen Daz
haagen dazs irish cream squares are awesome. Great to have with coffee or hot chocolate
Excellent cold treat
I found these to be a unique taste that is a hit for get togethers. The cookie layer mixes well with the Irish cream flavor and it will be hard to stop eating! Not a healthy food by any means but very delicious!
So Yummy
OH WOW an ice cream that is so good and its for adults only which makes it a little bit more special! I always have these on hand in my freezer to share with friends that come over I want everyone to know about them!
Finally ice cream for adults
I love this Ice Cream! Its delicious, the chocolate is off the chain and the ice cream is so creamy with a kick us a adults need every now and again
Ice cream Happy dance
I think this product satisfies tastebuds over a wide range of people. A great self indulgence.Try it soon.
The Haagen Dazs Irish Cream Cookie Squares are super delicious. You never can go wrong with Haagen Dazs, is one of my favorite ice cream companies. And this Irish cream cookie spheres are a super hit.
Wonderful World!
These bars are great, I used to buy rum raisin flavor Ice Cream, but apparently it's a made anymore. This flavor picks up where rum raisin left One big problem, Not Fat Free! We can't have everything.
My husband loves this squares; they are amazing and delicious
Me encanta 😍
Hageen-Danz Irish Cream squares, I loved ice cream, Planning to buy it every week. The Irish Cream tastes is fantastic. The best thing that Hageen Danz came out with.
I buy these every week . Taste like Bailey's ,they are so good wish they came with like 12 in a box , I can eat a whole box in one setting with hubby. The best thing that Haagen-Dazs came out with . Top name brand ice cream that is already great to make these is awesome for any adult and now for the Holidays great fit.
Divine goodness
These are so yummy! They are rich and decadent and perfect snack size. They really do taste like they have alcohol in them. So good.
So delicious!
The chocolate has a wonderful crunch and the ice cream is creamy. We had to buy another box because everyone was fighting over the last one.

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