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Garnier Skin Active Micellar Cleansing Water
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This product removed my makeup without a problem! It didn't even irritate my sensitive skin. I would recommend.
I love this! I’m super careful about what I use because of my sensitive skin, and I recommend this to all my sensitive skin people! Leaves your face fresh and not dry at all 😊
This product is amazing for removing makeup. It’s also very gentle for my sensitive skin!
This stuff is my holy grail..it takes off all my makeup super easy and the best part is no rinsing afterwards..this is a great product
this is one of my all time favorite products, it’s removes my makeup very easily
love this to remove makeup...not too greesy and not too heavy
I dont like how it leaves your face sticky after using this but it does clean your face
I enjoy using make up everyday, but the part I dont like is removing it, fortunately this product exists and works really well, it leaves my skin soft and clean
This is a beauty must have. It is one of the best products I have come across that genuinely removes make up, effortlessly! I usually use a wipe first to get the process started, this in the middle which completely removes all make up residue, especially after using setting spray! And then finish of with a toner to leave skin feeling smooth and refreshed!
Works really well, makeup is removed with only a little bit of product. It also does not leave any residue on your face.
I love the Garnier Skin Active Micellar Cleansing Water. It removes all the dirt and make up on my face without all the harsh chemicals. I also like how it leave my face feeling soft and clean.
I absolutely love Garnier’s Micellar gel cleanser! It turns the process of removing my makeup and washing my face into just one task. It makes it so easy! It truly remove every last bit of my makeup, including my brow pomade, my mascara, any eyeliner, plus liquid lipsticks. Even liquid lipsticks that are so hard to take off, it removes every last swipe of it with very little effort! You can use this to wash your face when you are removing your makeup but you can also use it alone when you just need to wash your bare face. A little bit does go a long way with this product, so s regular size bottle has been lasting me forever and I typically use it at least once, usually two times a day. I have a 2 year old son who is constantly on the go and in to everything, so anything that can save me some time and make my life easier is even more awesome in my book. I can’t recomme this product enough. Give it a try, I have no idea how you could be even slightly disappointed! :)
Do not remove mascara and foundation complicity,only 30%from 100% of make up. Also not provide info about after any micellar water you MUST rinse your face by water or its will clog your pores of skin
I like this very much, it's very gentle, yet very effective and removes my makeup easily without drying out my skin. Smells good but not too strong; and lasts a long time because you don't need a lot

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