4.5 5 0 160 160 El nuevo gel de ducha Suave Limited Edition Spring Awakening está hecho con aromas frescos y divertidos que dejarán su piel perfumada y con una sensación de limpieza y suavidad.
Gel de ducha de edición limitada Suave Spring Awakening
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Luv Suave Body Wash
Love the product; great smell; no residue; all of the body washes are great! Love the variety; I usually don't like products with fragrance as they tend to be super strong; but not Suave- just right!
very refreshing
lathers great smells fabulous and is very affordable
Not too impressed
It just didnt leave me with the soft skin feeling liked I hoped it would. ALthough cheaper then most products Id pay more for something that worked better
Smells fresh
I have used Suave's Tropical Coconut for a long time. I tried this when my scent was sold out. This was a nice change, it has a really pleasant fresh scent.
Amazing product
I think this product should use it everyone because it smells really good
Great price and smell body wash
This stuff smells awesome! I feel like it makes me think of Bali or Hawaii or some tropical place after the rain. Also, it was super affordable! Win-Win!
Price is worth it
This is definitely worth the price. It’s inexpensive and does the job.
Great Scent
Suave is the bomb!! This scent is pure Spring I love it!! Washes away clean and fresh.
Great product and price
The scent is spectacular! I fell in love with it. Infused with bamboo extract, aloe, and Vitamin E It left my skin feeling soft and smooth all day long. If you are looking for a body soap that leaves you feeling clean and has a rich spring floral scent that lasts all day long.
Smells so amazing!
First off, I am a huge lover of Suave products. I have yet to be let down. I absolutely love Suave Limited Edition Body Wash Spring Awakening! It smells so amazing. Since it is a limited edition one and I didn't know when they were going to take it off the shelves, I bought three. Try it! Especially if you like Suave body washes, you won't be disappointed.
Great smell
Amazing long lasting smell. Very thick consistency and very foamy. will bring you a long way.
Spring is in the air!
Suave limited edition Body Wash Spring Awakening is really great! I buy Suave body wash a lot and this definitely tops my list as one of my favorite scents. I hope they bring it back next Spring! This body wash smells fresh, invigorating, and not too strong! Very pleasing to your senses!
Limited edition
I tried the limited edition Suave Limited Edition Body Wash Spring Awakening and absolutely love it. It smells great and leaves my hair shinning..i just wish it wasn't a limited edition.
Spring Suds
Not only did i find this product to be very affordable but also a great value. I purchased this one day out of the necessity to save money since it was at least $2 cheaper than my regular brand. But was pleasantly surprised by first the smell,which was light but invigorating and then by the suds i achieved with a very small amount of product used. Afterwards my skin felt soft and moisterized . My boyfriend also used it and even commented that it wasn't my usual girly scent and it was actually a product we both could use which was my main goal to begin with. We have also tried other scents but this being one of my favorites.
It’s Not Irish Spring
I purchased this for my fiancé, trying to find a nice alternative to Irish Spring that was cheaper. He is so hooked on Irish Spring that if I put Irish Spring in a Generic Bottle he would Say It’s Not Irish Spring. In my personal view it smells just as amazing and at Half the Price. In my Eyes it’s Like Irish Spring and smells Awesome . It works and lathers just as well also. He just wants that name brand I guess haha.

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