4.5 5 0 160 160 El nuevo gel de ducha Suave Limited Edition Spring Awakening está hecho con aromas frescos y divertidos que dejarán su piel perfumada y con una sensación de limpieza y suavidad.
Gel de ducha de edición limitada Suave Spring Awakening
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This smells divine! It’s a luxurious body wash that does not dry out your skin but leaves it feeling fresh and moisturized.
I love the clean, fresh scent of this but it left my skin feeling weird. I know I rinsed very well but it felt lie I hadnt.
suave body wash is great. i got it last week and you will not believe how refreshing my skin feels . it has a light sent to it . i would recommend you try it out your and see ..
i use and have used suave,its good stuff and i love suave,and id recommend to any one.
It works great it's not my favorite I do buy it when the budget it tight as it works prefect if you are looking for something that is budget friendly.
I love a lot of Suave products because they are so affordable and some of them smell amazing (some are not my favorite but you can't like all of them!) This one personally smells very fresh and is invigorating to use in the shower and helps wake me up in the mornings with its fresh and clean scent. I love how affordable Suave products are so the whole family can use them and still get good quality products you dont have to compromise with paying less when you get Suave, especially their body washes they are always my favorite compared to their hair care. I'm glad I found a new scent from their body wash line that the whole family loves!
Our family like suave wash and shampoo its cheap buy. And very good bath with and they variety
The smell is very enticing and leaves your body clean and refreshing
Leaves you feeling clean and smells great without a strong perfume smell.
My family and I use so many of the Suave products from shampoo and conditioner to all their different kinds of body washes. I saw a few weeks ago at one of the stores I shop at some bottles of Suave Limited Edition Body Wash Spring Awakening. When it said Limited Edition I knew I had better get it then to try it out before it was gone. Boy was I glad I did. It was awesome. The next day I went and bought 4 more bottles just in case they stopped carrying them. I didn't want to beat myself up for not purchasing more than just the one bottle. My whole family loves it. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone. Men and women from early teens to the elderly!!
I would only buy small if I couldn't afford my brand
Suave whenever I am extremely broke and I don't have the money I use their products because Suave they're really cheap an affordable I would prefer a high-end product but this is my go-to when I'm on a budget. . .
Smells real Good and !eaves no residue after washing plus easy to apply
This body wash smells great and keeps you smelling good long after you get out of the shower. It doesn’t leave any soap stuck to your skin which is a big plus.
I really like Suave products. This body wash Spring Awakening I really like and it smells good. Something new to add to my Suave products.

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