4.6 5 0 345 345 Las gomitas ácidas Haribo con forma de oso son los osos dorados originales de Haribo que se han hecho de sabor ácido
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Haribo is the top dog of gummies. They are the perfect size, array of colors, taste and gumminess. Not too squishy and not too tough. These are a tasty addition to the Haribo family. They are similar to another south gummy you might be familar with but way better! Tasty little treat!
Haribo sour bears
Haribo Sour Gold Bears Gummi Candy are so good. Would buy them again
So good!
I like these when I want something different than the regular gummies. They're flavorful with the right amount of punch. I have to hide them when my nieces and nephews are around.
Haribo Sour
My sons absolutely love these little bears. I bought them when we went on vacation to snack on in the car along the way and they were gone really fast.
Not that good
This one is a bit too sour and chewy for me. After trying other gummy bears and comparing to the this product, I decided to go with the other ones.
The Perfect Sour Treat
I thought this candy was a perfect combination of sour and sweet. There's nothing worse when something that's supposed to be sweet is nothing but tart! And I'm not even a fan of sour candies... The texture, which is super big for me when it comes to gummies of any kind, was hard enough to satiate my preferences, but soft enough to round out the overall texture. If you like regular Haribo gummy bears, don't necessarily like sour candy, but want to be adventurous, this is the treat for you. Overall, though, if you're a gummy bear connoisseur, Haribo Sour Gummies are an absolute must!
Never enough.
These are the only candies that are gone one second after they are brought in the house. My husband doesn't eat sweets, but loves these. I hoard them away in my purse. :) They are hands down the best gummy bears. EVER.
Yum Yum Yummy!
I know when I buy these bears, I'm setting myself up for consuming the whole bag. They are THAT good. I sometimes share with my children, who also think they are better than plain gummy bears. But I don't share too often. ;-)
These are sour gummies and have a good taste. I like that the bag has a decent amount and they are decently priced. I really like the flavor but I find them to be a bit hard to chew I wish they were a little softer.
Sour Gummy Bears
I've always liked Haribo Gold Bears, and these sour ones were just as good. My daughter loved them too, as she is obsessed with trying anything sour! They're priced great and the bag is just the right size. Great sour flavors!
Best Flavors of Gummy Bears!
I love these! I wish they came in bigger bags actually because these taste amazing! They're much better than regular gummy bears or other gummy candy in my opinion. The little bit of sour flavor in them just takes them to another level.
Too sour for me. I like regular gummy bears better.
Perfect blend of sweet and sour!
I love gummi anything, be it bears, fish or any old shape. Haribo are probably the most well known gummies in the world. They know what they are doing and have been doing it longer than most. These sour gold bears are nice and tart, with a balanced amount of sweet. They are soft and chewy and I can usually polish off a bag quickly, if I am not careful. They also seem to stay fresher longer than a lot of other brands, if you can keep them around that long.
They tasted really good!
They tasted really good! An enjoyable sour gummy Haribo lived up to their expectations! I loved the fact that I could taste the flavors of the gummies still with this quality candy
everything tastes great except the yellow flavor.!!

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