4.6 5 0 356 356 Las gomitas ácidas Haribo con forma de oso son los osos dorados originales de Haribo que se han hecho de sabor ácido
Gomitas ácidas Haribo con forma de osos
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Not sour enough!
I purchased a pack of Haribo Goldbears Sour and I was a little disappointed that they didn't have enough flavor. These were just ok, not great. I usually like Haribo Goldbears, but this particular variety was not what I expected.
Yummy gummy bears!
My kids and I love Haribo Sour Gold Bears. They are the perfect chewy texture and flavor. Not too sticky and not too hard. The sour flavor is absolutely yummy!
Leave something to be desired
I love sour candy and I love gummy bears, these should a slam dunk right? Not exactly. The texture was odd and they aren't very sour. I didn't love them and would not grab them as my first choice if I wanted a sour chewy candy.
Sour gol bears
I love these so much, especially since it helps with my blood sugar. I actually never heard of this brand before until now. I did not really like the price, but still tried it anyways. Sour gold bears
Yummy Gummy
These sour gummy are so delicious! I am a huge fan of the original gummy bears and these are just as good.they have the perfect amount of sour and chew. They don’t get stuck in your teeth. I recommend these if you like sour candies.
No puedes parar
Abrir uno de estos paquetes no es para comerte una sola, es de estas cosas que enganchan y te devuelven un poco a la niñez. Muy ricas y de vez en cuando me sigo dando el capricho.
Confianza total
Además de los peques también comemos haribo los más adultos de la casa y suelo a formar los postres con estas chuches, mis favoritas son las de oro con cobertura de azúcar.
Best Sour Gummie Bears
One of my favorite candies. Very sweet but sour. Very reasonably priced and good!
Great twist on an old standby!
Haribo Gummies are a staple in my household! I have some in my nightstand, now. This is a great twist on an old favorite and will definitely buy again.
Super buenos
Tiene un sabor frutado muy bueno, el acido no es muy fuerte como otras marcas. Nos encanta saber que no tiene conservantes ☺
Love this product is wonderful and taste great thanks for sharing
First time user
I was able to snag a bag at HEB and they were delicious. They aren't crazy sour and enjoyable. I like that's a spin on a classic childhood favorite candy. Highly recommended! Perfect for the whole family.
Favorite Sour Candy
This is by far my favorite Sour gummy candy from the same company that makes my favorite gummy bears! Not overly chewy and doesn't stick to teeth or braces. The only thing is I wish the bag was a bit larger or filled a bit more. But all in all a really tasty perfect sour gummy!
Yummy goodness
My kids and I already love the original Haribo gummy bears. And after trying the sour ones we are even more of a fan. They are by far my favorite. They are sour and tangy with a little bit of sweetness to balance it out. They are soft and easy to chew and you just want to keep eating more. Love these delicious haribo gummy bears. This will be a treat I will continue to buy.
Haribo is the top dog of gummies. They are the perfect size, array of colors, taste and gumminess. Not too squishy and not too tough. These are a tasty addition to the Haribo family. They are similar to another south gummy you might be familar with but way better! Tasty little treat!

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