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Hawaiian Punch Lemonade
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It was very tangy which makes for a good lemon aide but it was almost too sweet. It was a great price though. It tastes more on the Hawaiian punch side than kool aide or crystal light.
sour tangy
My kids didnt like this. It was too sour and tangy. The bitterness and smell bothered our stomachs. The price was good tho
This is great to take on outings for sports teams and parties.
I love the lemonade flavor in this Hawaiian punch. Nice and tart and pucker.
Pucker up
This is one of my favorite hawaiian punch juices. Since they were made of less than 5% juice I feel better buying the lemonade more than the "blue" stuff and "green" stuff because it's made with lemons. Can't go wrong!
Kid friendly
My son loves every kind of flavor. This one isn't overpowering like some lemon flavor juices. Honestly I'm not a lemonade fan can I like the taste.
I like the original red fruit punch from time to time. I bought the lemonade because it was on sale. It's just so sweet and makes you more thirsty. If you're looking for a real lemonade this isn't it it's like sugar water
Momma made it
This is awesome lemonade i just love it! I also love the fact i didn't have to make it! No squeezing lemons today! Thank you! I will buy again,so refreshing on a nice summer day!
great tasting
I've been buying Hawaiian Punch for years for my family. I didn't personally drink the fruit punch but once I saw the lemonade, I had to try it because I love lemonade. It tastes really good and is reasonably priced.
mmmmm good
very good in taste, nice price good quality. Takes my thirst away an is better for me
Stick to the original HP
Hawaiian Punch should just stick to it's original red/fruit punch flavor. I've tried them all (my kids wanted to try them) and the original is the bed. There are way better lemonades out there. A store brand is better and cheaper than this one.
I was in a birthday party and I had the chance to try Hawainan Lemonade drink. Way too sweet for my tase.
Great taste
Bought Hawaiian Punch Lemonade for my grandchildren who loved this drink. I really liked the flavor and it didn't sting our throats like other lemonades. I have always liked the fruit juicy red and now Hawaiian Punch Lemonade, in my opinion, is my new favorite. The gallon jugs are perfect for elementary school parties.
Ni muy dulce, ni muy acido. En su punto. Suave y refrescante. Buenisimo para quitar el calor.
Hawaiian Punch Lemonade
My kiddos absolutely love this! It's refreshing and thirst quenching. We like it in all flavors but especially in the lemonade.

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