4.8 5 0 71 71 El hidratante facial sin aceite de St. Ives proporciona una hidratación de rápida absorción que ayuda a restaurar el brillo natural de tu piel. Perfumado con una exuberante sandía, esta crema facial liviana e hidratante utiliza jugo de sandía 100% natural para una hidratación profunda cada vez que la utilices. Usa esta crema facial hidratante por la mañana y la noche para ayudar a restaurar la humectación de la piel y lograr un brillo saludable.
Hidratante facial sin aceite de St. Ives
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Great product
I found it at Walmart and decided to give it a try, I was. It disappointed. My skin feels more soft ever since I started using this!
My skin is glowing
After using this for a week I definitely notice a difference in my skin. My skin looks healthier and feels smoother. My sister actually said I was glowing! Mission accomplished!
St. Ives Glowing Watermelon Face Moisturizer
This facial cream smells great as soon as you open it up and plus it is light on your skin and feels very refreshing and does not irritate your facial skin giving it a healthy look and 100 per cent natural but is a little greasy
Smelled like a watermelon
I like the overall glow but the smell reminded me of Summer camp when I was eight
So good!
Love this moisturizer. It really makes my skin feel and not look dry. It also smells really good!
Not as good as the product that inspired it but ok
Everyone who knows beauty/skin care associates watermelon glow with a certain specific company and while I don't blame St. Ives for trying to ride on that companys coat tails with a product that is almost (like 80%) as good, I'm surprised to see it from such a major, time tested company!
Love it
I absolutely love this product!! It reminds me of the glow recipe watermelon cream!! It's a water gel moisturizer and smells so good.. it makes my skin so fresh and clean and soft!! I will forever buy this instead of glow recipe!!
Yes! to St Ives
St Ives new oil-free moisturizer really surprised me. I could tell a difference in my skin within 4 days! It's very light and smells great. Anxiously waiting for different formulas. I've already told friends and family about it.
best face moisturizer!! 10/10 for sure leaves my face extra soft
The Glow of St.Ives Moisturizer
I was given a sample at a large retailer . I really enjoyed the feel of the St.Ives Glow Moisturizer . Considering it was a sample the packaging was still bright and a eye catcher . I had enough to apply it three times and it added a healthy, hydrated texture to my aging skin . It give a nice glow to my skin after it completely dried . I noticed my pores shrunk a bit . I love the smell of the watermelon it stays on your skin and every so often you can still smell it . It is reasonably priced . I will be buying this and recommend to try it and see if it helps your skin as much as I noticed a change in mine .
I loved
My skin is oily and this moisturizer did my skin good, it is not greasy at all and there was no acne outbreak.
Love ittt!!!!! I use it all the time great product
Great product
Great product. I would recommend highly. Didn't make my skin feel greasy or oily after use.
I just love this product.. it makes my skin look soft and glowing ❤
Es un producto muy bueno y económico y fácil de conseguir en las tiendas

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