4.7 5 0 65 65 Salve el mundo sin una piel seca. Sálvelo con el jabón líquido corporal hidratante Steel Courage de la colección Hardest Working de Old Spice.
Jabón líquido corporal hidratante Steel Courage de la colección Hardest Working de Old Spice
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Verano y frescura
Me encanta com una caracteristicas y fragancia excelentes para el caballero
This Old Spice is the bomb
I bought this Old Spice for my fiance and I also purchased the green one as well and let me tell you that both are simply amazing and buy them both, but I would have to say that the both of us love the smell of the blue one the best and would highly recommend it to the ladies if they can't decide on one for their man.... These would definitely be it... Enjoy ladies and try keeping your hands to yourself after he gets out of the shower after using it.... Lol....
Great for ~my man~
The smell is a little strong - courageous if you will - but I still like the scent a lot on my partner. It's a good price for the value of the product and I'd recommend it (after smelling it to make sure you aren't overwhelmed by the scent.)
Smells Great!
I love the smell of this! My husband and son use this and the long lasting smell it leaves hours after they bathe is amazing. It is also very moisturizing. My husband has dry skin and this really helps with moisturizing his skin. Awesome stuff!
I think it really hydrated my skin. I had payed a decent price for my bottle. It was a useful amount. It lasted a long time which is a good thing. I had definitely spent my money in the right place. My skin was hydrated. I felt very fresh and clean. I had only used old spice a few times. Love it
Husband loves it
This is my husband’s absolute favorite bodywash. He has really dry skin and this has taken care of that problem. The scent lasts all day and I love the way it lingers!
I have had positive experiences with Old Spice Body Wash in the past, and this proved to be no different. The Hydro Wash Steel Courage left me feeling clean and smelling great. I have somewhat sensitive skin, and this body wash did not cause any flare ups. I used this body wash each morning in the shower. It lathered well and the bottle was easy to handle in the shower. I felt clean and confident after using this product.
Great lather, awesome scent, and great moisturizing effect
I have tried a wide variety of body washes from the inexpensive (Axe) to the expensive (Molton Brown, Jack Black) and this Old Spice Hydrating Body Wash is right up there with some of the more expensive brands of body wash. You only need a little bit of solution to develop a nice amount of lather using a loofah. The scent is bright, pleasant, and not overpowering. Most importantly the scent is very faint post shower which means it wont mix with your cologne or make you smell like a teenager wearing body spray. The best part of this body wash is the moisturizing effect. It is like there is a little bit of lotion intermixed within the body wash itself. I would definitely purchase this again.
This is the best body wash I have ever used the smell is great in the morning and it hydrated my skin exceptionally well
Old spice body wash
My husband loves old spice products but this is his favorite. He loves the smell and loves how clean it makes him feel after working in the dirty and heat all day
i bought this for my husband and my son and i will tell you they smell so good after a shower and they did like it a lot and asked me to put this on the list of products to buy for the shower and i love the the smell of them both when they get out of the shower i will give it a great thumbs up
I bought this for my husband and he liked it. He usually prefers a more gel like product, but said he felt like this one moisturized his skin and smelled great!
My husband uses this product, and I love the smell of him and the smell of our bathroom afterwards. It also softens his rough skin which is hard to do working outside everyday. I will definitely keep buying it for him!
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