4.8 5 0 172 172 Gracias a su tecnología que conserva la humedad, este jabón líquido hidrata la piel sin dejar una capa grasosa. Disfrute de una piel con un aspecto sano y una sensación limpia y suave.
Jabón líquido corporal superhumectante con aroma a durazno dulce de la colección de verano de Olay
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Smells amazing !
I love the olay body was in peach it smells amazing. It definitely gives me that deep cleaning I’m looking for and it makes my skin feels extremely smooth. I highly recommend this product !
Love !!!
I love oil of play how it leathers and makes my skin feel
olay body wash
I love anything that's by Olay makes ur body soft smooth and soft and it smells so good leaves u feeling so clean and it last long
I love this body wash. Smells amazing. Males my skin super super soft and clean and moisturized. Definitely recommend
Olay bodywash
I love how this locks in moisture and exfoliates. It has a invigorating scent and it leaves the skin feeling clean and smooth.
I tried this body wash and I love it. It smells amazing and left my skin feeling clean. I recommend this product.
Riquisimo aroma!!
Aunque a mi me gusta el jabon en barrra, probe este jabon liquido y me encanto, deja mi piel mas hidratada y tersa, con un rico aroma... me encanto probarlo.
I love the majority of Olay's products, so when I saw this new scent, I snapped it up. The first time I used it, I was instantly depressed because I knew I couldn't feasibly by out the entire stock. Of all the Olay bodywashes I have used in my time, which is considerable, I have never smelled something so pretty. I have started taking multiple showers a day just so my bathroom smells like this constantly It isn't the Cinnamon/baked goods you might expect but a very warm and exotic floral. I'm unsure how it's exactly "autumn", but I would wear it as cologne.
Great Product!
I recently purchased Olay Summer Collection Ultra Moisture Sweet Peach Body Wash, and I have to say it smells great, as soon as you open the lid the aroma of Peach is there. When you wash with it, it leaves your skin so soft and smelling of peaches.! Plus, you only need a very small amount ,it soaps up great! After you bathe you really don't even need to use any lotions. It's that great!! I will continue to use this body wash!
Smells of summer
I love the smell of it! Makes me think of summer in the orchards. Makes my body feel silky & clean. One of the best liquid washes.
Great product...
This is an amazing product! Love the peachy smell....leaves body feeling and smelly awesome!
Love the smell
It’s smells so good and it also leathers up nicely
Too Sweet?
CLEANS and moisturizes my body perfectly. Leaves a fragrance on my skin which if you like the fragrance is ideal, However, for me, this scent in particular is almost sickeningly sweet. May not be for everyone but it is for me.
Loved it
I love this soap it smells great and helps me relax in shower and/or bath after long day at work or getting ready in the morning. Only problem my daughter steals mine when she runs out of hers. LOL
Olay sweet peach body wash
I loved this product it got me clean and it smells great 2. I loved taking a shower or bath with this body wash.

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