4.9 5 0 563 563 Jabón Líquido de Manos Dial con Agua de Coco y Mango tiene un aroma tropical ultra fresco y afrutado que dejará sus manos hidratadas y suaves con cada lavado.
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Dial always delivers
Dial soaps are awesome in the house! They don't have heavy perfumes and always clean really well. I love all the scents that dial offers and the price!
Love the scent
I usually buy dial for hand soap and decided to try a new scent. The later is just right using a pea size amount. The consistency is just right also not watery at all or too thick. the scent is amazing it’s not too powerful and doesnt leave that soap smell.
Really enjoyed
So I purchased this product and really loved the scent. The smell of coconut and mango brought me back to the islands. I did not repurchase because I did not see “antibacterial” on the label. But overall the soap left my hands feeling clean and smelling good.
Great product
Dial Liquid Hand Soap with Moisturizer, Coconut Water & Mango has really great natural scent that is long lasting and natural. I really like that it also left my skin soft and smooth
Javon de manos
It’s very good for my hands the smell is very beautiful I love it product
I have not found a dail product I do not like as dail is the best to me out there.
Loved it!
I love this hand soap! It smells wonderful...it takes me back to when I vacationed in the Caribbeans! When guests are over and they use it, I'm always complimented on it! The smell is lovely and this soap doesnt dry my hands out.
Good price for fresh feeling
This is a wonderful soap to use every day. It makes your hands so soft and and smooth. It has a wonderful fragrance as well. I'm a fanatic about smells ans this one is amazing!
Dial hand wash
I love this new smell, leaves hands soft, so much so that I bought 5 of these for room. Everyone comments on my new hand wash, will continue to buy.
Good Value
It's a good value for the price. It smells great and leaves the hands feeling soft and clean. There are so many other scents and you can also purchase the big refill bottle to add more into this one. It's great and I recommend.
Gets hands clean!
Gets your hands clean while smelling great! Love this soap!
Great scent clean feeling
I love the scent and feeling of the soap, it comes out in just the right amount and doesn't feel slimy or sticky while washing with it! I feel clean after using and don't feel like my skin is sticky from soap staying on it
Bathroom soap
I like the smell of this soap. It does leave my hand a little dry but that it not a deal breaker. I like the rich lather it offers, leaving my hands feeling really clean.
My opinion of this hand soap is fair. It smells strong when I sniff it but on my hands the smell is gone. It does the job but I don't care for it much. I wish the smell lasted as other hand soaps do.
Great product!
This soap is one of the few that doesn’t dry my hands out. It smells wonderful and I can always tell wether or not my children have washed their hands after using the restroom because you can smell the fantastic scent on their hands!

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