JBL Tune 125TWS Audífonos internos Bluetooth inalámbricos verdaderos

4.4 5 0 166 166 Ya sea que esté escuchando música o respondiendo llamadas, no tiene cables que lo detengan. Simplemente use los auriculares JBL TUNE 125TWS para comenzar a sentir el sonido, ya que se conectan inmediatamente a su dispositivo en el instante en que los saca del estuche.
JBL Tune 125TWS Audífonos internos Bluetooth inalámbricos verdaderos


What can go wrong with these? I was gifted these as a present and have fell in LOVE. These are long-lasting, durable, and comfy. If you have small ears they do tend to fall out with lots of movement so be very weary of that! Overall, that was the only complaint.
Pretty awesome little earbuds!
These little things pack a punch! decent audio quality and long charge holding. I especially liked the buttons on the buds. I will say it was a little bit of a downsize how cheaply the case felt.
Great earbuds
These wireless earbuds are great. I got a pair for my husband. He loves them. He gets so immersed in what he is listening to that you have to get his attention. The sound quality is top notch and they provide 3 different size ear pieces allowing for the perfect fit. They come with a nice carrying case I usually fits inside of pockets when you're not using it to recharge that your buds.
Zone out to some tunes
I bought these not really sure what to expect. Hoping for the best. They were comfortable in My ears, stayed put, had great sound quality and I use them regularly when I need to take a break from the noise and just listen to some music . Great sound, great quality for an equally great price. Super impressed!
Great sound
I got these for my son because I was sick of hearing his music. The sound is great. They fit into the ear good and don’t fall out even when he is using them to work out. We didn’t have any problems connecting them to his phone.
Loud and proud
I bought these for my husband last year and he loves them. He loves that he can have one in and still be part of whatever else is going on. They allow him complete independence in his daily tasks while he listens to his favorite podcast or musician. Box is small enough to carry in your pocket. Fairly noise canceling. Good quality sound.
Good overall
The headphones are good, they avoid the background noise and are comfortable.
I love JBL
I have JBL earbuds as well as a portable speaker I use around the house and when I travel. Always great sound, reliable Bluetooth connectivity and quality. Highly recommend for all you audiophiles
Wireless ear buds!
I love these! It's awesome that my son can't easily rip them out of my ears when I'm listening to a good song. I love love love that they are wireless! Now the wires can't get in the way! 10/10 reccomend!
Great sound
Love these jbl earbuds so much. Great noise canceling capability. True surround sound quality.
JBL = just better listen = (they) Jam (the) Beat Loud
There are 3 wireless earbuds I will use onn, beats by Dre, and JBL. I used to think beats were the best but that was until I tried JBL and now they are the one I use most. These earbuds are amazing and I jam out with them everywhere. I use these when I'm working out and when I take my daily walks. They get 5 stars from ke
Love all their products
I have bought several styles of their speakers and never disappointed. Safe to say it is the same story with these. My husband loves them.
Comfortable, good quality
I like these ear buds, they fit perfectly in my ears, battery life is good, they pair to your iphone very easily. The case is nice and looks very premium. I always carry them around. Call quality could be better, but for the price, I think overall they are very nice!
Best Sound
The sound of these buds you can't beat,I did have a problem with them falling out of my ears and loosing one,need someway to keep nearby just in case.
We love JBL products we have one set of these and the children fight over them all the time. The clarity and quality of sound is excellent

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