4.1 5 0 9 9 ¿Cuánto tiempo puedes durar sin dejar caer la pelota? Inspirado en el episodio de Friends, "El de la pelota", los jugadores compiten contra sus amigos y familiares para ver cuánto tiempo pueden durar en cinco rondas de lanzamiento y equilibrio de la pelota. Con 50 desafíos - ¡y la pelota! - el juego cobra impulso hasta que incorporas múltiples retos a sus lanzamientos como "¿Ocupación? Dinosaurio", "Te comiste mi sándwich" y "Mónica, Mónica, ten un feliz Janucá". Prepárate para atrapar la diversión con este divertidísimo juego que incluye desafíos del clásico programa de televisión Friends.
Juego de mesa El de la pelota de Friends
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The one with the ball game episode was so funny and the game is so much fun
Must REALLY love friends
This game wasn’t anything crazy good, but if you really LOVE friends that will make up for the quality of the game’s mechanics. It’s simple and silly, but your guest you play with should also be lovers of the show to enjoy this game.
Review on hame
My family and friends love this game I play the game at a BBQ
Really fun
For all my Friends lovers out there, this is great! It’s silly but is really great to laugh with your friends. It’s great for parties!
Fun and laughs!
I bought this with my 14 years old daughter that has watched all the seasons over and over again until they took it off Netflix. This was a fun and active game that her friends and I enjoyed a lot. We laughed and had the best time being silly. Definitely recommend it!
Total crap
It was a waste of time and money. Crap crap crap crap. It was so boring and lacked any intelligence. I liked most about this product was throwing it away. I would never recommend this to anyone.
I LOVED this show so i purchased this game to play with my FRIENDS who also loved FRIENDS and we had so much fun!! There is a 9/10 chance you will love this game too! So worth the buy!
Great family game
Fun game for the whole family. Must have for a friends fan!
Hours of fun!
I’m a major Friends fan. So when I say this I just had to have it! We played for hours while binge watching Friends! I never had so much fun since that night! If you’re a true Friends fan, I can’t see why you wouldn’t want this game!

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