Just for Men - Champú In Color

4.6 5 0 47 47 Tecnología patentada de objetivo gris. Just for Men se enfoca en el cabello gris, por lo que se mezcla con el color natural de tu cabello. Rapido y facil. La fórmula fácil de hacer espuma que no gotea funciona en 5 minutos. De larga duración. Cobertura permanente de canas. Dura hasta 6 semanas hasta que las canas vuelven a crecer. Rejuvenece el cabello. Deja el cabello más grueso y con un aspecto más completo. Sin amoníaco dañino.
Just for Men - Champú In Color


just for men
My husband uses this once a month and loves that it covers the grey hairs.Easy to use
Mens hair color
I have tried this product in light-brown several times. You need plastic gloves to apply this product sinece it very runny. I would like it better if the solution was thicker and didm't run down your face
This stuff is great! My husband’s favorite. He loves that it only takes five minutes and absolutely covers grey hair
I have used this and it works good. I am
Works great for male or female hair. This feels and looks natural. I will be buying more of this product. It gradually blends and darkens my grey to a nice brown color.
Husband loves this
My SO loves using this. So easy to use for men. Works very well and hides the gray hair. It makes my Husband look so much younger and he gets lots of compliments after using this. I would recommend this for men.
husband always uses it
simple wash in color to cover gray, makes men look younger... so easy to use.
Monthly Use
Maybe because I'm getting older but this product use to last 6-8 weeks for me but now I'm lucky to get 4 weeks before I'm completely gray. Still purchase it on a regular basis but just doesn't seem to last as long.
Two thumbs up
This product is great really colors ya grays n makes you look young again
Husband loves it
My husband has been using this to cover some grey hairs he’s gotten over the years. The product works well and I assume he will continue to use it for years. Highly recommended
Hubby likes it
If you choose to use this, be sure to get a shade lighter than needed due to color isn’t always correct.
Just for Men - Shampoo In Color
It makes getting natural-looking, professional results incredibly easy. With the most extensive shade range, plus Virtual Try-On, selecting your perfect shade is easy, too.
Easy to use.
This is a very good product I have used many times the only concern I have is that by my hair growing so fast I need you dye my hair at least every 2 months I wish you would last longer color-wise but that's just the way of life but this is a very good product and hair color dye
So Easy to Use
I have been using Just for Men for over 2 years now. Nobody wants gray hair and nobody wants their hair to look dyed. This is why I like Just for Men. It is easy to use, mix the dye and activator and apply. Wait 5 minutes and shampoo, could not be any easier. You can leave it on less for a lighter color or longer for a darker color. It doesn't dry out your hair and my hair looks natiural not dyed.
Wash away the Gray
It's easy on the hair. Just massage it in wait 5 mins then shampoo it out and the color is great. Adjust your gray in steps.
Worked well on the gray
Works well on gray for that last minute cover up.l

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