Just for Men - Champú In Color

4.6 5 0 36 36 Tecnología patentada de objetivo gris. Just for Men se enfoca en el cabello gris, por lo que se mezcla con el color natural de tu cabello. Rapido y facil. La fórmula fácil de hacer espuma que no gotea funciona en 5 minutos. De larga duración. Cobertura permanente de canas. Dura hasta 6 semanas hasta que las canas vuelven a crecer. Rejuvenece el cabello. Deja el cabello más grueso y con un aspecto más completo. Sin amoníaco dañino.
Just for Men - Champú In Color


Easy to use.
This is a very good product I have used many times the only concern I have is that by my hair growing so fast I need you dye my hair at least every 2 months I wish you would last longer color-wise but that's just the way of life but this is a very good product and hair color dye
So Easy to Use
I have been using Just for Men for over 2 years now. Nobody wants gray hair and nobody wants their hair to look dyed. This is why I like Just for Men. It is easy to use, mix the dye and activator and apply. Wait 5 minutes and shampoo, could not be any easier. You can leave it on less for a lighter color or longer for a darker color. It doesn't dry out your hair and my hair looks natiural not dyed.
Wash away the Gray
It's easy on the hair. Just massage it in wait 5 mins then shampoo it out and the color is great. Adjust your gray in steps.
Worked well on the gray
Works well on gray for that last minute cover up.l
Made me feel younger!
Simple to use! Makes me happy! Makes me look good.
Just For Men - Shampoo In Color
Es un Schampoo de color que te pinta el cabello es recomendable
Eyebrow tint
There is a trend online where girls use this hair dye to tint eyebrows. I went and bought this product after seeing the trend and used it myself. I think the shampoo in version does not last long, but it is probably longer lasting in your eyebrows than in your hair. For some reason just for men stains your brows better than women's box dye.
Love It
I use Just for Men shampoo-in hair color all the time (for about 15yrs) and will continue to use it. It's easy on the hair. Just massage it in wait 5 mins then shampoo it out and the color is great.
Quick and easy
So qui k and easy with rich color great for fast results
Good option to help retain hair color
This Just for Men Shampoo In Color is good in helping yourself maintain your original hair color as you get older in age. It incorporates a vibrant black color that will have a long lasting effect.
Okay color but did not last
We tried to just for Men shampoo in color and found that initially it did cover the grays and it looked really good for about 2 weeks then the color rapidly came off the grays and continued to fade away from that point on
Perfect and easy
I use this for my husband and I am the one who mixes the lotion and massages into his hair and then wait the time to wash out. This is very easy and washed out quickly and covers well. We use all the time.
Such a simple way to remove my gray
at 54 years I get grayer every year, this is the easiest way to color with the best natural look to my original tone
Great look
Just for Men shampoo in color is the only brand that I like to use when I color my hair. It's very easy to apply and follow the directions for a nice look. My hair always looks great afterwards and I feel 10 years younger
Husband looks ten years younger
I was actually surprised by how well this worked. It colors gradually and fills in most of the gray. My husband no longer looks like he's trying to take Santa's job, and is looking as good as he did ten years ago.

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