JUST huevo a base de plantas de berenjena

4.1 5 0 130 130 Huevos reinventados con plantas. Después de años de búsqueda, encontramos una planta que se revuelve como un huevo. JUST Egg es perfecto para tortillas, tostadas francesas, frittatas o un simple plato revuelto para el desayuno.
JUST huevo a base de plantas de berenjena


Perfect Eggs Sub
I love Just egg as a Vegan; I’ve tried it many times and continue to purchase it any time I’m craving eggs. I’ve made french toast, omelets and all sorts of things with it. I would definitely recommend.
Average, but lots of waste
I have been vegan for a couple years and love trying out vegan substitutes. I had high hopes for this product since it is so popular, but it was just average. The taste was good enough, but I wouldn’t call it egg like. I really didn’t like how so much of the product stuck to the pan (even when using nonstick and oil). There was too much waste to justify the high cost.
Easy Egg Substitute.
Whether watching your cholesterol or on a vegan diet this convincing egg substitute makes good omelets and great sandwiches.
Just Egg
Do you love eggs but are looking for a healthier option ? Just Egg could be what your looking for. I was skeptical at first but now I am a believer. Just shake your Just Egg bottle and put it In your hot skillet season it how you like and serve and enjoy. We add salt pepper and bacon bits to ours. You can't even tell that's its not regular eggs. This is a win for our family because we all love eggs. The kids love Just Egg and now prefer it over regular eggs.
Finally gave it a try!
I’m a big fan of egg beaters because I am watching my cholesterol and I always see these in the same section. I finally gave them a try and they are my new favorite. I feel like I was missing out now, very good and healthy products.
Tastes like powdered eggs
Bought this to cook for a vegan friend and we both thought it left an odd after taste. If you've ever been to a hotel with those powdered, dehydrated eggs then thats the best I can compare it too. They don't get that scrambled, fluffy egg texture either. Maybe they'd be better in a scramble or omelet where the flavor can be masked by more ingredients. However, they're too expensive for me to try that out again right now.
No good enough
No easy mixing.No easy mixing. The product lasts too little in the fridge and its taste is strange and for the value of what it costs versus what you get it does not do it.
Good substitute for eggs
I could hardly tell this wasn't eggs. I even had a friend try it without telling her that they were not eggs and she couldn't tell at all. I don't think it needs any improvements.
Not that good
I didnt like the taste and consistency when you make the product
The just egg was not that good as an alternative to a regular are and is way more expensive.
Just ok
If you had to eat this as an egg alternative it’s not terrible but it’s not great. It has a weird taste, my toddler son did not like it and I believe it gave him a stomach ache.
Would not do that again.
This was purchased to try and decrease my calorie consumption a well as trying to decrease my animal products consumption. This stuff was a little gross. Did not feel or taste like eggs and the nutritional value is not so much better than eggs that I would be willing to eat it again. I'd need to be pretty desperate to eat this again. I threw away the remainder of the container.
Okay Egg Substitute
It cooked really well and looked almost like scrambled eggs. I have an allergy to eggs so finding something that I could eat without making me sick was great. The taste is a little odd unless you're used to eating everything plant-based. I am not. I'm not much of an egg eater, so this went bad before I was able to finish it. I definitely won't be buying this again, however as I said before if you're used to eating plant-based things already I would give it a go.
I hate it
I like nothing about this. Yes it looks and scrambles like real eggs but the texture and taste are not it. I didn’t care for the taste at all, I can definitely taste the difference. I could eat it if there wasn’t any other alternative. Otherwise, this is not something I would willingly buy and eat.
Wish I could have loved it!
My son has a severe egg allergy, so we tried these as an option. The taste leaves much to be desired. A lot of vegan friends have said they have to add a ton of other ingredients to like the taste - which is hard to do with a smaller child. Love that the option in there, just wish it were a better tasting product

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