JUST huevo a base de plantas de berenjena

4.1 5 0 139 139 Huevos reinventados con plantas. Después de años de búsqueda, encontramos una planta que se revuelve como un huevo. JUST Egg es perfecto para tortillas, tostadas francesas, frittatas o un simple plato revuelto para el desayuno.
JUST huevo a base de plantas de berenjena


Tastes like Egg
I was really impressed with this product. It's vegan, but it really did taste like egg. It has the flavor, texture, and taste like egg. If I did not know that it was vegan, I would have thought I was eating real egg!
Just Egg
I am a vegetarian and have been for 12 years. Ive tried a lot of vegetarian and vegan products but this one was pretty good. It Cooks like eggs, scrambled like real eggs. Was a little powdery in texture but overall, was a good egg replacement. The price wasn’t bad either.
Tastes like egg
I have an egg allergy that has developed as I have gotten older. This definitely tastes like egg, but I am not so keen on the texture.
Great for allergies
I have an egg allergy and have tried many different brands of vegan eggs. Just Egg is by far the best. They are nice and fluffy when cooked and do a great job when baking with them. The price is fair for the quality you get. My only issue is that I have a difficult time finding it where I live.
If your into plant based products this is a good product
This is a good product if your into plant based products.
Great vegan option!
It really is a great substitute for real eggs. The texture when scrambled is ridiculously close to the real thing, and it makes wonderful French toast!
Do not expect an egg replica
I have grown to love JustEgg. The first time I purchased this product I was disappointed. I then learned that they way you season it matters. You need to add a dash of black salt, a little ground pepper, and add some veggies. I now eat this almost every week. (Watch out for manufacturers coupons!) The black salt really brings out the egg flavor. Without that it is pretty bland.
its not egg
If you are expecting this substitute to taste like egg you will be disappointed. I eat a lot of tofu and that is what it reminded me of. I loved it, but it's not egg.
this was not a product that i will ever buy again
i did not like this product at all. it was difficult to cook and tasted really bad. it did not taste like eggs at all.
Love Just Egg… but cooking is hard
Half the house is vegan, so Just Egg is a staple for us. The liquid works in a pinch, but if given the option I prefer the precooked just egg Pattie’s found in the frozen aisle. If you get the liquid, be careful to keep it from burning onto to pan…
I didn't care for this for cooking (in a recipe for by itself) but it works great for baking. It's on the pricey side so I wait for a coupon or for it to go on sale (or both!).
LOVE this!
I love this egg substitute so much. I became vegan and I still miss eggs. This gives a great omlette which I love making. My secret is to use a frother to whip it up before adding to a pan on low heat. That stretches it out a bit so there are more servings per container. this really cooks up and tastes like eggs but low and slow is the secret to cooking it in a pan.
I guess disguise
I found it a little bit weird only because I'm not used to eating plant-based eggs we have a lot of plant-based substitute in our diet but we still eat meat the egg though was not creamy like how the cheese is or even like a real egg is it tasted like it was a whole different creation but it looks like an egg so I guess if those vegetarian folks want to eat with their buddies during breakfast they don't have to make a big deal they can just have that and everything can look normal I guess so it's a good disguise LOL
Very tasty
I think its a great egg replacement. It has the same texture as eggs and tastes great with salt and pepper and cheese and green onions.
Not a Fan
I purchased this recently as I am trying to find more healthy alternatives for my family. Nobody in my household liked the product at all. It really did not even come close to tasting like eggs for me. The alternatives should be at least similar in texture and such. This missed the marl

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