Kloudic Portable Fan

3.8 5 0 122 122 ¿Eres ecologista? ¿Quieres ahorrar algo de dinero y energía? Si es así, este ventilador de enfriamiento de nebulización portátil es para usted. Muy bajo consumo de energía, solo un pequeño ventilador de niebla fría evaporativa para reemplazar un aire acondicionado de freón puede satisfacer sus necesidades personales, se pueden ajustar tres velocidades de viento (alta, media, baja), la velocidad máxima de rotación del ventilador alcanza los 4000RMP y la velocidad máxima del viento alcanza los 3.5 m / s.. El tamaño compacto diseñado para uso personal, el efecto de enfriamiento puede verse afectado si se coloca a gran distancia. pero puede oscilar 60 o 120 grados. Puede controlar la dirección del viento como desee y crear una zona de confort personal más grande. Nuestros productos también se pueden agregar con cubitos de hielo y aceites esenciales. Y agregue cubitos de hielo al tanque de agua agregue aceites esenciales a la esponja, el viento será más fresco y olerá bien.
Kloudic Portable Fan


Portable Fan with Some Limitations
I recently tried out the Kloudic Portable Fan and while it has some positive features, there are a few drawbacks to consider. On the upside, the fan is small, lightweight and easy to take with you wherever you go. It also has three speed settings to choose from which is nice. However, I did find that the fan was quite noisy, even on the lowest setting, which was a bit of a nuisance. Additionally, the battery life is not very long, so it needs to be recharged frequently if you plan to use it for more than a short period of time. Overall, I would say that this portable fan is suitable for short-term use and may be a good option for those who need something compact and easy to carry, but it may not be the best choice for extended use.
Nice desk fan
I like that I can add ice water to this and the mist/ air is a bit more cool as it comes out. It’s more of a desk fan than an air conditioner. However, it does get the job done when it’s decently hot. I have a different brand but it’s the same item.
Cooling on the go
I take my fan every where. It is very nice. I love how cool it gets when I put the ice in it. I wish it blew harder but it is a nice fan.
Cool girl
I'm hot natured! My friend has this and I want one so bad!!!
Does not cool effectively
Cools with mist, so tends to make area more humid than comfortable
It's not that it didn't work okay. It's just that it was a little too small. This product is pretty good. I ended up giving it to a friend of mine because they have a smaller area in their house.
Cute Fan
This little fan is a cute accessory/noise maker but isn't the greatest of you need to cool off. If you want a light breeze before bed this is for you, but if you need to keep cool during the summer months, I would suggest a bigger fan
Could be better
It was not as powerful as I was hoping that it would be.
Not so cool!
I was not impressed by this product. The ice melts really fast without putting out much cold air. Then you have the tray full of the melted ice. I’d recommend something bigger!
Handy product
It's a great little fan works really great it's a great choice and wonderful product
Perfect for small spaces
Bought for our camper, and we really like it. It is small and compact, and doesn't take alot of electricity. Works as it should and blows ice cold. We really like it and I would recommend.
Not Made For The South
Not made for high humidity/heat areas. Not much air flow and overall disappointing.
Cool let's try
Like staying cool want try see how good it works I was told it great one
The worst
This product did a whole lotta nothing for me. It put out very little air at all. Then it completely quit working just two weeks after purchase. I probably wouldn't recommend this product.
This product is very convenient and is a quick fix to a temperature issue for smaller spaces. Great for my home office or desktop.

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