Kloudic Portable Fan

3.8 5 0 106 106 ¿Eres ecologista? ¿Quieres ahorrar algo de dinero y energía? Si es así, este ventilador de enfriamiento de nebulización portátil es para usted. Muy bajo consumo de energía, solo un pequeño ventilador de niebla fría evaporativa para reemplazar un aire acondicionado de freón puede satisfacer sus necesidades personales, se pueden ajustar tres velocidades de viento (alta, media, baja), la velocidad máxima de rotación del ventilador alcanza los 4000RMP y la velocidad máxima del viento alcanza los 3.5 m / s.. El tamaño compacto diseñado para uso personal, el efecto de enfriamiento puede verse afectado si se coloca a gran distancia. pero puede oscilar 60 o 120 grados. Puede controlar la dirección del viento como desee y crear una zona de confort personal más grande. Nuestros productos también se pueden agregar con cubitos de hielo y aceites esenciales. Y agregue cubitos de hielo al tanque de agua agregue aceites esenciales a la esponja, el viento será más fresco y olerá bien.
Kloudic Portable Fan


Decent fan
This is a small fan that works perfectly at my office desk while I am in my cubicle. I tried it in a bigger open space and you couldn’t feel it. But at work in my cubicle it is perfect especially on the real hot days.
Kloudic fan
I enjoy the fan it works really good it cools you off put water or ice in it and gets pretty cold you can adjust the fan to blow on you its the right size doesn't take up much room
Good for air cooling
This air purrifier is very good for hot summer days, refresh and cooling the air
small AC unit
It is a great concept, but will only cool a couple feet around the area. Mostly right in front.
It's okay..
So, I knew what I was getting into when I bought this - it's only meant to be like a desk fan, or a small personal fan for one person. For uses like those, it's absolutely perfect, and has worked like a charm for me. There was a couple of times that it didn't feel as cool as it should, but that's all I've noticed. The only thing I would improve is the size, just a little bit.
Must have
We tried one of theses at a friend's house. It was a dream come true. Only thing we wish that we had one ourselves to have cause it helped us sleep so much better would do anything to get one.
Up Close
This product works well if you have it up close directly blowing on you. I use it on my desk at work. As for cooling off small spaces, does not work well. Like I said, it only worked for me when up close.
Air cool
It keeps your house nice and cold all you got to do is put water in it and plug it in and it's nice
Works best in small spaces
This is a great idea for small spaces. I use this for my desk and when I’m out in public. It blows out very cool and the portability is a plus. It’s a must buy for the summer to cool you off!
Personal air conditioner
The air conditioner works nicely if you are directly in front of it or you can close off a small space for it to cool off but as far as cooling off a bigger space it doesn't work very well. We use it in our 1995 Dutchman Trailer in the bedroom area and with the door closed it takes all day to cool off that small area but if the door is open it won't cook off the area.
Great product
Great product and reasonable priced. Also gave on to my sister and she loved it needless to say I will be ordering more as Christmas gifts and birthday as well. Greatitem t
works best in small spaces
I found it wasn't the best for a larger master bedroom only because it doesnt blow very hard and you really only feel the breeze when you are up closes within a ft or 2 but significantly colder when you add ice to the compartment but I did move it to a small area I use for my desk and it works well in a confined space and being closer to the kitchen I can reresh the ice regularly. If you are looking for a compact AC unit on a budget Id recommend looking around some more but i you just like a gentle breeze in a small space go for it.
It's ok but it didn't blow very hard. Just really up close.
Fan box
Good for a small bathroom and thats pushing it. The fan s too small and dont have much power
It works, but don't expect miricles
It's a little better than a single floor-fan, but it's not as goodnas a portable air conditioner. I had an arctic-air portable air cooler, but I decided to try this model. Maybe save your money, but you may like it.

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