4.4 5 0 188 188 ¿Cremoso e hiper-mate? Todo esto es parte de nuestro labial mousse hidratante y lleno de pigmentos, que permanece suave durante ocho horas.
Labial Ultra HD Matte Lip Mousse™ de Revlon
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Pretty reds
I'm a huge fan of matte lips. I tend to lean towards red shades. The color depth for this product is amazing. It doesnt dry down on me, which is great because cracked lips are not noticable. The down fall is that it is not long lasting. I have various other brands in a similar price range that have far better staying power. For a short period it's good. If you're trying to make it all day, I'd go with something else.
Perfect Color 100 Degrees
Love a nice matte lip but it needs to be long lasting. I tried the Red (100 Degrees) and it’s such a Beautiful Red!!!
Death valley and red hot shades
I got this product to try out. I love the way it looks and applys. I like that is does not dry down because if it did then I would hate to wear it daily. This is a comfort matte.
This is a great product if you want matte lips! It is also not dry or make them dry. You do have to play with the colors to figure out what the color will be once on your lips.
This is ok
I really love the smell and the depth of color of this liquid lipstick but it comes of very easy. I wish it was a long lasting formula.
Not crazy about the formula
I bought 2 of these and tested them out and the formula drys down on me and makes my lips look dried out, they smell great but I think I will stick to regular lipstick
I truly recommend it.
This lipstick is my new favorite! I am in love with the two shades I got of the new Revlon Ultra HD Lip Mousse Hyper Matte! Great bright shades that can definitely rock any production! This product moisturizes my lips and has this perfect coverage that protects the lips and makes the color lasts for many hours. I super recommend it! No cracking, nor need to reapply after eating! This is the best lipstick formula I ever tried.
Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Mousse™
I had such high hopes for this lipstick. Loved the color and it went on so smooth, only problem was that it dried so quickly and started looking awful. Not a fan.
Tengo dos de estos y la textura es fascinante, es cremosos pero Mat te al mismo tiempo, deja un acabado liviano en los labios y a pesar de que no es un labial completamente Matte es duradero.
This is absolutely a great lipstick that stays for a very long while which I love because I am constantly drinking something while at work ,so with this the color definitely stays just make sure that you do not go off your lips because it is very hard to get off your skin and can stain the surrounding area of your mouth if you have a mishap but as long as you have a steady hand this is the permanent lipstick for you!
Not my first choice
I love a good matte lip and while this went on perfect, it dried my lips out very fast and was not flattering at all. It also faded quickly on me.
Stays put, kinda...
The product applied nicely at first. I noticed after about an hour it was wearing off and actually made my lips rather dry. Wasn't impressed.
Color matte lindo y deja sensación de labios suaves y frescos con tonos muy bellos revlon gran marca
This is such an amazing lip stick that is so easy to apply and dry so quickly. It does not dry so much to wear it actually feels like it dries out your lips like a lot of dry down lipsticks. They have a really good selection of color and the tip is kind of flat so it’s easier to get a really good line. It comes out more like a moose than a liquid which is really awesome for drying and also getting a really good thick but not too thick texture. I recommend the stuff to people who go to weddings or even the bride’s because of how affordable this product is. It stays so well even after kissing and drinking. I highly recommend this to anybody that wants a good quality lipstick without having to spend a whole bunch of money
So bold and beautiful
This makes your lips pop with bold color. My lips look so good when i wear this. It goes on smooth and stays on fir a long time. I love how it looks like it was painted on flawlessly. Definitely a great night club look for the younger gals. For me its a great wine and dinner look. A very sexy lip.

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