LaCroix Peach-Pear Sparkling Water - 2/12pk/12 fl oz Cans, 24 / Pack

4.2 5 0 391 391 LaCroix Sparkling Water es la marca número uno de agua con gas. LaCroix es una bebida refrescante y saludable que se puede disfrutar en cualquier entorno. Cada sorbo de LaCroix Sparking Water está aromatizado con los aceites de esencia natural extraídos de la fruta mencionada. Contiene 0 calorías, 0 edulcorantes y 0 sodio. Esto significa que puede disfrutar del refrescante sabor de una bebida carbonatada sin sentirse culpable. El agua con gas LaCroix es vegana, sin gluten, sin OMG y aprobada por Whole30. Nuestra agua se obtiene en los EE. UU. Y tiene una menor huella de carbono en comparación con las marcas importadas. La persona promedio necesita beber ocho vasos de agua de 8 onzas al día, y con el agua con gas LaCroix, ¡cada uno de esos ocho vasos puede tener una esencia afrutada especial que le encantará! ¡Disfruta de LaCroix!
LaCroix Peach-Pear Sparkling Water - 2/12pk/12 fl oz Cans, 24 / Pack


Very light and flavorful
I like the flavor and it is not to sweet but just right for a quick refresher
Great taste
I love this flavor. It is very light and refreshing. goes great with a meal or by itself.
It’s ok
I just tried this and the flavor wasn’t the greatest there was a good amount of carbonation I ended up adding fresh fruit to it to enhance the flavor I would buy again to try another flavor
good taste
Very refreshing, love all the different flavors, worth the money .
Good, but not my favorite flavor!
Love laCroix, but this flavor wasn’t as strong as others. That being said- super awesome for a low-cal cocktail or just an anytime bubbly to go with lunch!
Tried this at a birthday. I will say I was skeptical, but I like the flavo
Like the brand don't like the CEO
I really like the brand. Their products are consistent in quality and a great flavor. Nutritionally they are a great idea and healthy. From a personal standpoint the CEO is a reason I stopped drinking it. As well as the lawsuit regarding that not all of the ingredients are as natural as they are stated.
LaCroix Peach-Pear
Loved this flavor, very crisp. Wish I could find the bigger cases at more stores.
Not good
For me this flavor combo was not good.? Something about these two together wasn't that great for me Peach was there was a pair wasn't
La Croix
I love the flavor and the crispness!! I didn't expect this water to be this good, with it being sugarfree.
Party in my mouth!
All La Croix flavors are solid, but to me, this takes the cake. I love the crispness of the peach-pear combo. It is a perfect drink on a hot summer California day. Give it ALL to me! :)
So true taste absolutely the best flavor. All flavors are great
best bubbly drink
My friend introduced me to this drink and is by far one of the best sparkling water out there! The flavors are absolutely delicious.
Tried this to lower calories
I bought these to try and replace my soda.Its ok you get used to it but it just tastes like fizzy salt water.It does smell really good but the flavor just doesnt work for me.
The most
this drink taste so nasty the sparkling water does not taste fresh at all

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