4.4 5 0 69 69 Haz que las cabezas se volteen con Príncipe Sapo, un extraordinario lápiz labial verde esmeralda que se transforma en un mágico color rosa pimpollo al entrar en contacto con los labios.
Lápiz labial Príncipe Sapo de Lipstick Queen
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Do not be fooled by marketing
This lipstick, and the myriad others out there like it, do not actually provide a "customized shade" for your lips. The chemical ingredient that changes the color upon contact with water only changes to ONE color. It's the same color for everyone on the planet. The reason why it might look different on different people is that everyones' lip skin is different. So it's your lip that is making it a "customized shade" not the lipstick. Just like if you took a red marker and drew on a piece of white paper versus on a manila envelope. The red marker appears different depending on the color of the paper..... If you don't care about that, it does make your lips fuchsia tinted, and depending on what you do (eat, drink, etc) the stain can last for an hour or two. Personally, I think it's overpriced for what is essentially tinted lip balm.
got this for my mom and I got the lip gloss and it is so good and cool how it turns to the perfect shade for your skin tone, its like magic.
This leave a nice pink hue and a smidge of gloss. A great lip balm yo alwaya have on hand. Wiah it wasn't metal becuae in the summer it heats and melts funny.
Sooo cute!!
I love this lipstick, the idea is so cute and I love how different it is. Not to mention, the shade it leaves is so different and natural yet pink, it truly changes to your unique pigments. Very smooth and easy to apply as well. One of my favorite lipsticks. Just a bit costly but worth it in my opinion when you catch it on sale
I found my prince (lipstick).
What a fun product. I love the traditional design of the product tube, the shape of the lipstick making it easy to apply, the fun factor in applying green lipstick and the beautiful shade that appears. Big fan of Lipstick Queen.
Lipstick Review
Product was slightly damaged when I received it (tip was melted on the very end), but I was happy with the quality. Additionally, the color was very pretty on. It adapts to your skin tone too look very subtle.
It didnt changed the color of the lipstick as i expected. It changed very less, almost showing my lip color. So was very light pink. Didn't liked it much. I had to return
Nice lipstick
It gives your lip a natural color 😘😘😘 l wish every body try it
Love the color
It changes and looks slightly different in different people
This is great for makeup enthusiast or makeup novice this is just a awesome product.
Nothing new, but nice color.
This reminds me of the 90s when it was hyped. On me this turns into a sheer redish color. Its very pretty, but not long lasting. No weird, taste or smell. Also, the lid continuously falls off, which is quite annoying. But I would recommend this if you like a more natural look
Not my favorite
I paid a fortune for a product my mom used to pay $3 for in the 90's. The color was not comple tary and I didn't care for the taste it left behind. I will say hydratiin is very good but it's just not for me at all...
Gorgeous and feels great
Got it from work and it was my go to color! I used it alone or as a base because the color was a natural flush by itself and outlasted whatever I used on top.
Frog Prince
Love this ! Stays on a long time and it’s pretty cool to apply a green lipstick and have a pink shade
Such a Fun Product!
I love this lipstick! It's just so much fun to put on "green" lipstick and have it turn a pretty pink on your lips. It's great when you're feeling a little playful.

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