4.4 5 0 68 68 Haz que las cabezas se volteen con Príncipe Sapo, un extraordinario lápiz labial verde esmeralda que se transforma en un mágico color rosa pimpollo al entrar en contacto con los labios.
Lápiz labial Príncipe Sapo de Lipstick Queen
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Fun Product
Nice lipstick especially for a gift. Fun to see the color change
Unique makeup product
Overall, I was not a Huge fan but I did like the quality of the product. And I have nothing bad to say about it. I personally am very picky when it comes to lip colors/products.
Not what I expected
The color that this changes to on me is not what I'd expected. I realized the color adjusting lipstick is just a gimmick. Better to buy the actual shade you want so you know what you are getting.
Perfect shade for you
This is an amazing product along the lines of mood lipstick in that it knows the perfect shade. Never disappoints and is a hard to find item because it is always sold out.
Fun nostalgic lipstick
This lipstick brought me back to my teenage years! Except this one is better than any I ever tried, back then. Went on smooth. Made my lips silky. Stayed on for hours! Looked outstanding!
Maybe my prince will never come
I wanted to LOVE this lipstick, I really did. Unfortunately, every time I put it on, it was barely even visible. I suppose I should just be grateful my lips weren't green. After all, that is the intention...for it to turn into the perfect shade for you. My perfect shade, however, seemed to basically be my own lip color with a subtle swipe of sheen. I don't think I will be kissing enough frogs to inevitably find my prince with this understated lipstick. Alas, hopefully I will find the right lipstick before I croak.
Kiss the Frog
Tried it and loved it. It turns the perfect shade of pink on your lips. And guess what swipe some on your fingers and apply to your cheeks for a youthful fresh blush. The first time I did that several of my coworkers said I looked younger , refreshed and well rested.
So I received this in a little kit my mother in law got me for Christmas and I’m not going to lie at first glance I wasn’t for it at all I thought this was one of those gimmicky makeup products they come out with to keep people interested in certain trends and what not but alas I still wanted to give it a try.. I’m kinda glad I did because it’s such a beautiful color! It’s goes by your body’s natural ph balance to give you the perfect pink toned color lipstick it’s more of a gloss formula honestly very very very light weight which I appreciated . I liked the beautiful color it turned into and I’m interested in trying other products for sure.
Love it
This lipstick is sheer, and feels very light and moisturizing on your lips. I love that the color looks a bit different on everyone and also that the green looks a bit shocking before you apply it! I really love Lipstick Queen and this whole product line is really cool.
Smooth and not sticky
I don't wear a lot of lipstick, but I received this in an ipsy glam bag. I love that it isn't too dark a color, that it has a nice shine to it. It does not dry out on my lips and application is smooth. My kids love to use it too, as it seems to have some moisturizer in it and they love feeling like they are wearing lipstick. I will be purchasing this again.
The Best lipstick to go with a nice pair of denim jeans
I am a big fan of Lip Stick Queen, the lipstick has my lips looking moist and not dried out like a lot of other brands of lipstick. I bought my for half price at "Ulta" during the "21 days of Beauty" sale for $12.00. I would definitely recommend any of "LIP STICK QUEENS" shades.
Love the brand!
Love this brand! Makes me feel like a queen in a variety of unique hues. I like to stand out and Lipstick Queen does just that!
It’s ok
It’s more of a lip moisturizer then a lipstick in my opinion. The color isn’t very much. I’d rather by chapstick it’s cheaper and looks better.
Best Pink Ever!
This is officially my favorite lipstick (until I try the other color changers in this line!). It gives the most natural looking pink and even stains your lips a bit. I wear it with every level of makeup, barely there to full face because it's just that perfect! Price is totally worth it.
Love it!!
Incredibly creamy! Goes on like a complete dream!! Would buy more e

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