4.4 5 0 68 68 Haz que las cabezas se volteen con Príncipe Sapo, un extraordinario lápiz labial verde esmeralda que se transforma en un mágico color rosa pimpollo al entrar en contacto con los labios.
Lápiz labial Príncipe Sapo de Lipstick Queen
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Pleasantly Surprised
I had been curious about this lipstick for awhile and I received it in one of my beauty boxes. I liked that fact that the color change wasn't too shocking and that you could add it in layers to create a darker shade. I would like to try another one of their colors.
fun product
This is a fun way to add color to your lips. It is also moisturizing.
Perfect color
I totally love this product! It changes from green to the perfect shade of rose. I never need to worry about choosing the correct shade. Plus- it's just fun!
First thought - WTF!?
I really wondered "who would wear a green lipstick like that?" And then I tried it. This lipstick reacts to your personal ph level, so it is a slightly different color on everyone. It's a green lipstick that turns to a corally pink and is sheer, buildable and moisturizing. I would say it's more of a tinted balm than a lipstick but it's gorgeous. Lipstick Queen has several of these types of lipsticks and they are some of my very favorite lippies of all time.
Easy to apply very soft and smooth the color is nice last awhile only applied twice but I love it
Lipstick Queen
Very easy to apply leaves your lips soft and very kissable plus it hydrates your lips making them look more radiant and does not smear and is easy to apply
love it
This is more of a pigmented lipstick balm, but I LOVE IT!! It's green but changes to pink... it's honestly like magic and I love it. I get mine at Nordstrom so it's pricey, but I love it and also got it in blue, which changes to red! Very cool.
Love it
I thought it would be too pink or not good, but I LOVE IT. I bought for friends and family for Christmas and they love it too. It is worth every cent and is the only lipstick you will ever need.
wold love to try this product , please send me a sample to try. Sherri Leach 34 Annadea Rd Brockton , Ma 02302 Thak You Very Much.
This lipsticks looks cool, does it make your lips green? Or is this a lip balm?
I have ALWAYS wanted to try this and after reading great reviews, I want to try it even more!! Love how it blends with you and the "funness" of the color
Creo que es algo innovador para mí y me fascina probar nuevos productos y si es para mis labios. Mucho mejor.
I would love to try this. Looks very fun and interesting. In exchange for an honest review. I can't wait
He probado otros productos parecidos. Me gustaría probarlo y la duración del mismo. Excelente oportunidad para poder probarlo. De los productos que más uso lipstick y base. Ojala
I don't use lipstick. I just don't like a the texture or the thickness on my lips. And I really don't think I would love the color green neither.

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