4.2 5 0 90 90 - Hecha con leche de verdad - 8g de proteína por botella - Sin gluten
Leche con sabor a chocolate de Nesquik Snickers
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Pretty good
Has a similar taste to slimfast but better. No chalky flavor at all. Tou can tell its low fat bt the taste but its still freat tasting for a lowfat drink. A great alternative to regular chocolate milk.
Love this
It was very tasty it was almost like a snickers milk shake. I had it for a to go snack and it satisfied my hunger. No it great just the way it is. Yes I would recommend this product
Snickers chocolate milk
I bought this from my local Casey's store and became addicted to it from the start. Taste just like a snickers bar. I will definitely be buying more.
Scrumptious & Delicious
I am a big fan of sneakers as it is, so of course I had to give this a try and I was glad I did. I absolutely loved it. It was scrumptious and delicious! I would absolutely recommend nesquick snickers flavored milk to anyone that loves snickers like do, they won't be disappointed at all I guarantee it
Taste just like a snickers bar. Definitely, a different type of milk but different is not always bad! I'd reccomend tmeveryone to give itns try
Nesquik Snickers Flavored Chocolate Milk
Oh my when I saw Nesquik Snickers Flavored Chocolate Milk in my store I had to have it!! I will be honest with you it did not disappoint me!! Anybody who loves a good Snickers bar is really going to appreciate this! I recommend it . If you don't believe me then try it for yourself!
Lactose Intolerance
As a sugar addict I can’t help but want to have tried everything in sight. So when I saw these products at my local caseys I knew I had to try it. They had an excellent flavor, but it wasn’t super worth the stomach pain that came soon after. Great initial flavor, but steer clear if lactose is a bother.
Tastes Rich, Makes Me Feel Rich
I was a bit skeptical at first, but once I tried this milk I was absolutely blown away. The flavor is amazing, and it really makes me feel so great in the morning! I’m on a diet, and this milk is so good that it’s all I eat during breakfast!
Yummy til the last drop!
This by far is the best chocolate milk on the market.
Yummy drink
Tastes just like the candy bar. My only con would be, it's not as milkshake like as I thought it would be. Tastes really good though.
it's good but keep in mind it's just like candy so it tastes good just by itself
Overall it’s thick and taste just like the candy bar. I would buy it again. Just keep an open mind that it’s more than chocolate milk.
I wouldn't buy it to drink, but definitely taste just like the candy bar.
Its different..
I dont hate it, just feels like thick chocolate milk
Es riquisimo el sabor exquisito. Bueno para niños y adultos. Mmm

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