4.4 5 0 72 72 El limpiador corporal calmante de doble cara Olay DUO con aroma a orquídeas y grosella negra, nunca antes visto, cuenta con dos lados flexibles para exfoliar, limpiar y suavizar la piel. Para lograr una espuma de limpieza rica, solo añada agua.
Limpiador corporal calmante de doble cara Olay DUO con aroma a orquídeas y grosella negra
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I tried Olay DUO Soothing Orchid & Black Currant Dual-Sided Body Cleanser as I was curious to know how it works. The packaging is very appealing ,i felt like,i want one for me. I had quite hopes however it did not stand up to my expectations .The scrubbing side is very rough ,it literally scratched by skin in first few usage. After few washes the scrub side became soft. It makes a good lather once in contact with the water. It also does not justify the price so for me its a body wash I will in 2/3 times a year.Not my go to body wash.
I loved this product. It doesnt dry out your skin and it exfoliates! I love flowery scents and this one is amazing. Highly recommend to people who like to smell great and have soft skin.
I loved it!! Smells so good and you feel sooo clean afterwards!!! Super easy to use... Just get wet and scrub on your body much easier than getting a loofah and putting soap on it then getting it wet and scrubbing your body. ❤❤ definitely will try again!!-
This Olay DUO Soothing Orchid & Black Currant Dual-Sided Body Cleanser is awesome I love the scent and the exfoliating side my skin was so soft after using this I love it.
I have tried this and wasn't sure if I would like it or if it would work real good and last more then a few washes. Let me tell you ladies it is AMAZING!!! It makes your skin so soft and smell so good and it lasted for 28 washes :)
Since I use loofahs and probably use them way too long this is perfect for me in many ways , these two are the most important. I adore the smell of the body wash for years, it’s the only one I buy as well as the same scented purple colored orchid lotion. Now I have it great, I exfoliate every time I shower and once the suds run out I throw it away . The suds in the loofah thingy last a long time but once it’s done it’s time to throw it away and start new ! For me it’s perfect . One thing tho, I t hing it’s just a tad overpriced so I look for coupons and other offers!
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I haven't tried can never find it but i tried the body wash and love it
My Aunt surprised me with one of these Duo cleansers when we were traveling together. It was amazing for travel! So convenient, amazing smell, easy to use. I love this product anytime I need to go out of town especially but am kond od hooked on the scent now . Very cool concept.
AMAZING! Leaves your skin feeling so soft and it smells incredible. Lathers easily leaving your skin silkty smooth and refreshed.
I love the scent of this product. I also love how soft it leaves yours skin feeling from using the exfoliate. It leaves skin feeling very smooth
This smells amazing! Not just good, actually amazing. My husband kept asking what kind of body spray I was using after my nightly shower. Ha! None! The dual sides are really nice too. I love to use this on my knees, elbows and heels. Gentle, but effective! Yes, these are pricey. Totally worth it though!
I actually have two, one that I use for traveling and the other for every day. While this isn't the first time I've used it, this time around the exfoliating side ripped off, leaving me with two smooth sides. I love the product, but the exfoliating side was what I use most. I was very disappointed, but don't want to throw it away because of it since it's only a few uses in. I'd recommend this to anyone, I just need the exfoliating side to be a little more durable!
Makes showering quicker, I love that since I'm always in a rush. It smells amazing! The only problem I have is that is seems like even when there is soap left in there, it doesn't lather well. I wish they would put more in there, there is room. Also, I love that the two sides are different. One is scrubbing and the other is soft for polishing. I would recommend and have bought this item twice now. Has anyone else tried this product??
I was a little skeptical but after buying my first one I loved it, they smell amazing and I love the exfoliate then smooth aspect!

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