4.9 5 0 168 168 Obtenga una limpieza potente y un gran aroma con el limpiador multi-superficies de Mr. Clean con Febreze frescura de lino y cielo. Arrasa con el 100% de la suciedad, grasa y mugre, dejando el ligero y fresco aroma del limpiador líquido Febreze lino y cielo en su lugar olvidado. Funciona en toda la casa y en todo tipo de superficies, desde el linóleo, hasta los azulejos y pisos de madera terminados, baños y bañeras, e incluso botes de basura.
Limpiador multi-superficies con Febreze frescura de lino y cielo de Mr. Clean
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El producto es excelente y da muy buen olor. Limpia de manera rápida y deja las superficies limpias.
Mr clean
Mr. Clean Multi-Surface Cleaner with Febreze Freshness Linen & Sky. I love this product
I love this product, this is one of my go to cleaners. It smells so good and fresh. Smell last a very long time. There isn't anything I would change. I recommend Mr.Clean 100%.
Soooo good!!
I love anything mr.clean it always makes my house smell so good and i think it’s a great cleaner
Loving the bald guy
Mr Clean cleans counters, bathrooms, and does an excellent job on floors. I constantly use it all over my home
I love Febreze
My overall opinion for Mr Clean with Febreze Is one of my new favorites I am currently doing a deep cleaning of my house to be able to make it my home and it the cleaner works great and I love the fragrance I definitely suggest you to try it! And another plus for me is that it doesn’t make my Asthma flair up and for the price you can’t go wrong
Smells great and works amazing!
Great price, great smell and great clean. A few greats to describe this awesome product. I gravitate to a lot of the mr.clean products. I only wish the company making it would source more ethically. But it is my favorite among non-organic cleaners.
Beat cleaning product yet
I loved the smell of it.it also cleaned better then most product I've used.
Fresh febreeze smell
This cleaner is the real deal! It’s safe for basically any surface and has a febreeze scent that’s not overpowering. I used it to scrub my countertop and sink and would recommend!
Great smell, clean great
Omg this smells so good. I used it to clean my whole house including my bathroom which worked amazing in the shower
Mr clean
El olor es muy agradable me encanto muy buen limpiador.
Mr. Clean
The smell is nice, however Mr. Clean with Gain cleans better.
Makes me WANT to clean!!
I am not the type of person that enjoys cleaning at all!! BUT when I started buying this Mr.Clean multi-purpose cleaner that changed & now literally get excited to clean . I love this cleaner. I put some in spray bottles for cleaning counters,cabinets,sinks,bathrooms etc. and I use it when I mop the floor's and it works soooo good!! It can be used to clean so many things in the house & saves alot of time & money which is just awesome! The smell though is my personal favorite. Its a great refreshing ,happy, clean smell that isn't overpowering its it's just the perfect cleanser. I suggest this cleaner to everyone ♡♡
I always use this!
I used to exclusively use Fabuloso, but I tried the Mr. Clean a few years back and It has been my only.
I have a house cleaning business and use this every day. Great smell. Easy clean and no residue left behind.

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