4.9 5 0 168 168 Obtenga una limpieza potente y un gran aroma con el limpiador multi-superficies de Mr. Clean con Febreze frescura de lino y cielo. Arrasa con el 100% de la suciedad, grasa y mugre, dejando el ligero y fresco aroma del limpiador líquido Febreze lino y cielo en su lugar olvidado. Funciona en toda la casa y en todo tipo de superficies, desde el linóleo, hasta los azulejos y pisos de madera terminados, baños y bañeras, e incluso botes de basura.
Limpiador multi-superficies con Febreze frescura de lino y cielo de Mr. Clean
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Smells good
I really liked the way the product cleaned. It also smelled so good. I felt like I was out hanging clothes in the spring
Nose Friendly
I like this because the scent is not overpowering like my previous name brand product. I like the way it cleans without streaking my countertops.
Smells amazing
I love all the Mr. Clean products and this one does a great job of cleaning and also has a fantastic smell. Your house smells so good after using it.
mr clean
love how it smells and cleans very well. have bee using it for years.
quite normal surface cleanser. For its price it's a good product
Smells freshly cleaned
I’ve been using Mr.Clean lemon,but Mr.Clean with Febreeze smells so fresh and stays fresh.No food odor and great for bathroom
Smells clean
I like the Mr Clean multi-surface cleaner with Febreeze Freshness Linen Sky. My favorite part is the scent. In my opinion It cleans pretty good but not as well as some others I've tried.
Clean & Fresh
I love Mr Clean I can use this for everything from walls to floors and everything in between.
Mr. Clean
I love this product. It works amazing and smells great. It's inexpensive and well worth the price.
The best!
I absolutely LOVE this product! It cleans but instead of the chemical smell, it leaves a wonderful fresh laundry scent all throughout the house. I'm seriously addicted!
Great clean
Mr. Clean Multi-Surface Cleaner with Febreze Freshness Linen & Sky is a great way to clean floors and give them fresh scent. I feel like it is the perfect floor cleaner and get the tuff stains off the floor with ease
Fresh scent
One of my favorite house cleaning ptoducts!!! Strong enough to clean the mess quickly, yet mild enough to not have a strong chemical smell. Rather a fresh clean aroma!
Mr. Clean and Fresh!!!
I love the added Febreze Fresh Linen scent of this Mr. Clean Multi-Purpose Cleaner!! It leaves my surfaces clean and fresh smelling, as well as feeling and looking clean and shiny, as well! I love that I can use this in multiple places, all over my home, even in my car!
It does the job
I love this product it smells so good . It cleans really good it doesnt shine like mr.clean head but it does clean and get the dirt and scum out of wherever you need it i buy this every month .
me encanta
es un muy buen limpiador lo uso para muchas superficies 100% recomendado muy buen precio siempre me ha gustado

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